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Downloading Ebooks and Textbooks 10

I have noticed many people looking for ebooks of their college books & textbooks..

I have written this guide to help people find ebooks & textbooks

Use these 4 steps

1) Search on Google
Search for the name of the book + download and/or epub, “.epub”, mobi, “.mobi”, pdf, “.pdf”

Other ebook formats @ wikipedia.org | google.com/search?q=ebook+formats

Here is an example of this process > google.com

Here is an example of this process > google.com

2) Search on Bookos.org > BookZa.org & BookFi.org

Here is an example of this process > bookza.org/s/?q=american+desperado&t=0

Here is an example of this process > bookfi.org/s/?q=american+desperado&t=0

3) Search on Library-genesis.com > Libgen.org

Here is an example of this process > libgen.org

Before using Publicly Tracked Torrents, be wary of their inherent insecurity!

Use my Guide for finding Publicly Tracked Torrents

4) Search publicly tracked torrents 

Search torrentz.eu

Here is an example of this process > torrentz.eu

Google [search for the name of the book + torrent]

Here is an example of this process > google.com

..and any other public torrent index

Here is an example of this process > thepiratebay.se

Here is an example of this process > kickass.to

Publicly Tracked Torrent Index “Ebook/Book” Categories 







More Publicly Tracked Torrent Links @ /links/publicly-tracked-torrents/
If you still cannot find your book, try using the steps below

First check out this thread on Reddit /tracker_with_pdfsebooks_of_college_textbooks/

If you would like to search one of the sites on this list that does not have a search option, Google allows you to search the pages of a site that is has indexed by using the search-command site:the url of your site + what your searching for

Here is an example of this process > google.com

Second.. Try searching/browsing Reddit

Some Reddit sections do not allow/frown upon asking directly for pirated materials/requesting specific items



Third.. avaxhome.ws is a DDL (Direct Download Link) site for eBooks & eLearning | Music | Video | Software | Magazines | Newspapers | Comics | Games | Graphics | Vinyl & HR | Misc | AH News

Fourth.. forum.mobilism.org/viewforum.php?f=106 - mobilism.org is a Forum for mobile-releases with its own EBOOK devoted section

More DDL Sites/Blogs/Forums @ /links/ddl/

Fifth.. #bookz on Undernet is an IRC Channel dedicated to ebooks | more info

Sixth.. try this custom Google Search 


Seventh.. try other reliable Ebook Search Engines/Indexes

booksc.org (scientific articles)
boox.to (german)
ebook-hell.to (german)
lesen.to/wp/ (german)

Eighth..  Ebook/Audiobook Private Torrent Trackers

DO NOT join a Private Torrent Tracker simply to try to find 1 book and then leave!
Private Torrent Trackers are communities that share a common interest
They are NOT leech-dumps

TEXTBOOKS/EBOOKS | REVIEW | freeetextbooks.com 8/28/13
EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS | REVIEW | myanonamouse.net 2/13/13
EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS | REVIEW | ebookvortex.com 12/5/12
EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS | REVIEW | ebooks-heaven.info 12/5/12
EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS | REVIEW | ebooks-shares.org 12/29/12
EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS | REVIEW | p2pelite.com 7/28/13
EBOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS/GENERAL | REVIEW | torserver.sytes.net 7/15/13
EBOOKS .HU | REVIEW | libranet.no-ip.org 5/15/13

More E-Learning Private Torrent Trackers @ /tracker-list/#e-learning

There are also invite only trackers..

However.. before using Public Invite Forums to Acquire Invites!
Be aware of the Possible Repercussions of Breaking Tracker Rules

Bibliotik (ebooks/audiobooks)
bookys.net (ebooks) (french)
StopThePress.es (magazines/newspapers)
BitmeBitSpyder, TheGeekz (e-learning)

Several other large private trackers (What.cd, Waffles, IPTorrents) have decent ebook/audiobooks sections as well. However, I don’t recommend attempting to acquire accounts on these trackers soley for ebooks/audiobooks, as those are not these trackers primary content

If you cannot find an ebook/textbook yourself using this guide, then most likely its not going to be found unless somebody has or can acquire a digital copy for you

Perhaps you know someone who has purchased a digital copy..

Or perhaps you can acquire a trial account for ebooks/etextbooks..

Research DeDRM google.com/search?q=dedrm

Research PDF ePub DRM Removal torrentz.eu/search?f=PDF+ePub+DRM+Removal

Also look @ lendle.me

Also try requesting your book using the sources in this guide

TorrentFreak articles related to Textbook Prices/Piracy

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10 thoughts on “Downloading Ebooks and Textbooks

  1. Reply Wickedassofo halleluja Jan 22,2013 5:09 am

    Dude. Thank you so much ! really helped me out with next semester :)

  2. Reply Anonymous May 23,2013 1:29 am

    A really good site for any book is gen.lib.ru.sec. Russians are the shit at pirating textbooks

  3. Reply Anonymous May 25,2013 8:47 am

    Great link you gave regarding russians and ebooks, I found multiple versions of some books I never found before!!

  4. Reply Scooper Aug 23,2013 11:33 am

    Thanks Man. Really helpful.

  5. Reply Anonymous Aug 28,2013 3:59 pm

    I’ve got to say I found the book I was looking for on the Russian website. everywhere else it was down. Thanks so much

  6. Reply eli Nov 8,2013 12:16 pm

    what an excellent, excellent post! thanks for your advice

  7. Reply Anonymous Nov 22,2013 11:31 pm

    Believe me or not.. This site Mobilism.org is awesome. I have researched a lot and found out that all other sources like Myanonamouse, IRC and NZB sites, they all from mobilism.org. Mobilism has got wonderful private uploaders dedicated to the community. My fav.. posters are With, Skylark03, Leif77 and SahastraBrahmand.

    The community is awesome. Just wanted to put in some right knowledge for all. Surely a bookers community.

  8. Reply bob2 Jan 18,2014 9:40 am

    sweet post. thx

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  10. Reply dra28 Mar 3,2014 5:34 pm

    Many thanks friend :)

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