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  1. Reply Anonymous Jun 17,2015 9:04 am


  2. Reply Anonymous Sep 21,2015 7:23 am

    im looking for afrikaans audio books. do you have any?

  3. Reply Anonymous Oct 31,2015 10:19 pm

    I’m Afrikaans too…found any?

  4. Reply Anonymous Nov 4,2015 5:56 am


  5. Reply Eri Dec 20,2015 2:56 pm

    Where is the signup url where i put the invite code.? Or how does the invite code work

  6. Reply tbone Aug 9,2016 6:33 pm

    looking for star wars audio books.

  7. Reply Anne Aug 20,2016 4:21 am

    I am new and same question as Eri. Where is the signup url where I put the invite code ??? And how does the invite code work. How can I chat in your main IRC channel with someone to get an invite. I already clicked Connect and there is no box where I can enter !inv or …

  8. Reply Rudy Sandovalier Esq. Sep 7,2016 7:58 am

    The best private torrent site out there for readers. It’s made me read so many more interesting books!

  9. Reply Anonymous Oct 8,2016 5:33 am

    looking for David Farlands Sons of Oak

  10. Reply Anonymous Nov 5,2016 11:31 pm

    Hello, i am looking for an e-book called ‘Adobe Illustrator CC Revealed, 1st Edition’ and Adobe Photoshop CC Revealed, 1st Edition. There is no pdf file or torrent anywhere from all the torrent and filesharing sites.

    ISBN-13: 9781305262614 – Adobe Illustrator CC Revealed, 1st Edition by Chris Botello

    ISBN-13: 9781133693222 – Adobe Photoshop CC Revealed, 1st Edition by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

  11. Reply Anonymous Feb 3,2017 5:23 am

    I am looking for two books. One called Ab Asana and the other lets start yoga

  12. Reply Anonymous Feb 18,2017 9:49 am

    help, I cannot get the IRC to work. I want to ask for an invite to join. Does it matter that I am on a Mac?

  13. Reply Anonymous Jun 8,2017 7:34 am

    Hi, I am looking for invitation, please tell me how can I have that

  14. Reply Anonymous Jun 24,2017 10:40 pm

    “Starting Today You Can Get Special Access To Rare Books”

    Dear opentrackers reader,

    Have you ever thought of buying an expensive book? You know, the one that sells for $1000+ on Amazon? The kind of rare book that isn’t available elsewhere?

    Well, NOW you can easily download them on your computer. For FREE! How? It’s simple. Join Myanonamouse. We conduct interviews on IRC. All aboard!

    Wait till your friends hear about this…

  15. Reply Anonymous Sep 13,2017 8:04 am

    Hi I have an account Desun1959 but it has been inactive as I have been in and out of hospital for last 8 months and prior to that, dealing with family bereavement. Have tried IRC chat but link continually breaks down. Can anyone help with reactivation of account please

    • Reply Blue Balls Dec 26,2017 11:11 am

      Instead of using a web client, like Mibbit, use a desktop client like mIRC to connect to the IRC channel.

  16. Reply Anonymous Apr 29,2018 3:55 pm


  17. Reply Anonymous Jul 30,2018 9:52 am

    Can’t access my account. What happened. Been a member for many years. Went away for a few days and now getting an IE message that I can’t connect.

  18. Reply Anonymous Dec 6,2018 5:14 pm

    Do you have:

    Audio Books

  19. Reply Anonymous Apr 17,2019 1:26 am

    Very friendly community.

  20. Reply Anonymous Sep 25,2019 6:24 pm

    i am new to this and having a hard time to get access
    can someone help me

  21. Reply Anonymous Nov 6,2019 8:42 am

    Where do you find the passphrase?

  22. Reply Anonymous Mar 5,2020 2:09 am

    Do you guys have the Greatest Of All Talk Podcast? It’s behind a paywall I don’t want to pay for.

  23. Reply Anonymous Apr 10,2020 7:30 pm

    The moderators there are more interested in power tripping than anything else. One of the mods’ friends is spreading dangerous misinformation about the COVID pandemic, and banning anyone that confronts them.

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  29. Reply Anonymous Mar 13,2021 5:47 pm

    Hi can anyone help? I have connected to the irc channel but nothing seems to happen and the mibbt widget seems broken.
    Haven used irc in along time , i said code and nothing happens. Please help

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  40. Reply Anonymous Feb 14,2023 1:48 pm

    Pretty decent site for audiobooks. It has some stuff that public trackers like Audiobookbay don’t have. It’s alright for ebooks though honestly doesn’t have anything that isn’t on Z-Library. It’s really easy to build a ratio, the community is kind and I’ve never seen a dead torrent there. The interview is easy too and the interviewer I had was very forgiving. I say signup.

  41. Reply Anonymous Jun 18,2023 6:54 am

    Can anyone pls help me to sign up?

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