Using torrents, streaming, usenet, ddl? Start using a VPN to avoid detection & bypass anti-piracy/site blocking
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Finding Publicly Tracked Torrents

guide to help people find publicly tracked torrents *(updated December 23, 2017)


Be wary of publicly tracked torrents inherent insecurity!
Anyone using publicly tracked torrents should seriously consider using a VPN to mask their IP address

Using a VPN will disguise your IP address, encrypt your internet traffic and hide the fact that you are using bittorrent from anyone monitoring you (your ISP, your university, etc)

Using a VPN will also bypass site blocking, geo-blocking and any network restrictions on P2P (throttling, etc)

Anti-piracy monitor IP addresses in the swarms of publicly tracked torrents (The Pirate Bay, 1337x, etc) in order to send DMCA/copyright infringement letters/etc to internet service providers/universities/etc

Most universities ban P2P and monitor their networks for evidence of piracy

Having repeated violations (DMCA, notification of piracy, etc) can lead to serious consequences from your ISP/university/etc (warnings, bandwidth throttling, account termination, expulsion, etc)

Use a VPN to avoid the dangers of publicly tracked torrents
or.. consider switching entirely to private torrent trackers (while possibly using a seedbox to avoid bans on P2P)

Anti-piracy rarely monitor the IP addresses in the swarms of private torrent trackers


I recommend using one of these 4 Bittorrent Clients



uTorrent 2.2.1


I do not recommend using any other clients (Vuze, BitComet, BitLord, etc)

Nearly all other clients are unstable, inefficient and/or malicious


Use a combination of these 3 steps

1) Search public torrent indexes individually (.onion)

Example search >

Example search >

Example search >

Example search >

More public torrent indexes @ /links/publicly-tracked-torrents/#indexes

2) Use a search engine like

Note: has recently removed all external torrent indexes and links from their site. However, the torrent hashes are still available, use one of the following chrome extensions to provide magnet/torrent links for the content indexed there

Torrentz2 Magnet Links + (.torrent + magnet links)
Magnet Links for Torrentz2 (magnet links only) (.onion)

Example search >

More search engines @ /links/publicly-tracked-torrents/#searchengines

3) Search on Google (search for the name of the content + torrent)

Example search >

Tips for Searching more Efficiently

1) Be as specific as possible with keywords

2) When looking for specific content, limit the keywords to the most central word(s)

3) Sort by size, date, peers (popularity)

4) Search for the content by itself and inside a large pack

5) If there are multiple releases with the same name from different years, include the year

More publicly tracked torrent search engines, indexes, trackers, etc @ /links/publicly-tracked-torrents/
  1. Reply Anonymous Jul 29,2014 4:38 am

    Awesome ..thanks

    as far as stability is concerned, you were right

    Vuze gave me a lot of problems,although visually appealing & has a lot of features
    while utorrent never gave me any major problem(only concern is Ut bought by bitorrent owned by MPAA,.. )

  2. Reply Anonymous Sep 8,2014 8:02 pm

    Great work bro .THANK FOR BEST BLOG

  3. Reply TOM Sep 14,2014 4:18 am

    Awesome info. I liked it. very useful

  4. Reply Anonymous Jan 2,2015 10:37 pm

    DO NOT use google for searches, use a non logging search engine such as duckduckgo or startpage.
    Remember google is DEFINITELY NOT your friend.

  5. Reply Anonymous Apr 24,2015 9:51 am

    Tixati is a great torrent client I would recommend

  6. Reply Anonymous Apr 16,2016 2:48 pm

    This is basically “how to use the internet in three steps”

    not very useful.

  7. Reply Anonymous May 17,2017 10:55 pm

    How can you search a torrent by the uploader ?

  8. Reply Kinder May 18,2017 8:21 am

    extre is down but same torrents as

  9. Reply Anonymous May 19,2017 8:21 am

    I’ve seen so many torrent sites go down over the years. Extratorrents will be missed.

  10. Reply Anonymous Aug 15,2018 12:58 pm

    Ummm…I don’t understand step 1

  11. Reply Anonymous Aug 15,2018 1:16 pm

    …now I need to look up how to use a vpn..and I assume I download the client by searching for it and downloading it off the webpage vs. Google play? ..because Google’s NOT my friend. .is this correct? (If I come off sounding like a clueless a hole, that’s because I am, in fact, a clueless ahole.)
    I appreciate this post, tho, and both the content I understand and that that’s making a whistling sound,going over my head.

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