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Useful Software/etc

Privacy & Security
Messaging & Chat
Search & Browsers
Media Players
Cloud & File Storage
Movie/TV Databases & Downloaders
Download Apps
Screenshot Apps
Remote Desktop
Text Editors
Domains & Hosting
Ebooks & Textbooks

The dates represent the date that the link was added


HexChat (irc client) >
XChat (irc client) |
mIRC (irc client) 9/24/13
HydraIRC (irc client) 9/24/13
KVIrc (irc client) 9/17/14
AdiIRC (irc client) 7/22/15
Snak (mac irc client)
Textual (mac irc client)
Linkinus (mac irc client) 8/28/13
Colloquy (mac irc client) 9/17/13
LimeChat (mac irc client) 8/12/14
Smuxi (linux/mac/windows irc client) 9/17/13
Quassel IRC (cross-platform, distributed irc client) 11/13/13
WeeChat (linux-based irc client)
Glowing Bear (weechat web client) | github 7/9/16
Irssi (*nix-based irc client) 1/9/14
BitchX (*nix-based irc client) 9/17/14
Mibbit (web-based irc client)
IRC LC (mibbit-based website) 6/11/15
Kiwi IRC (web-based irc client) 8/20/13
qwebirc (python-based irc client) 8/22/13
Iris (python-based irc client) 10/7/15
AndroIRC (android irc client) 10/5/13
AndChat (android irc client) 10/5/13
Yaaic (android irc client) 10/16/13
CIRC (chrome irc client) 10/16/13
Chatzilla (firefox irc client) 10/16/13

ZNC (irc bouncer)
pysBNC (irc bouncer)
shroudBNC (irc bouncer) 9/17/13
IRCCloud (web-based irc client/bouncer) 5/30/14
IRCAnywhere (open source web-based irc client/bnc) 8/12/14
Shout (open source web-based irc client/bnc) 10/5/15

PanicBNC (irc bouncer provicer) 9/18/14

Eggdrop (irc bot) 3/9/16
Limnoria (python irc bot) 3/9/16
Sopel (python irc bot) 3/9/16
PircBot (java irc bot)
pircbotx (java irc bot)

IRCHelp (irc help)

Privacy & Security

Tails (privacy/anonymity-focused live os) 8/26/13

PRISM Break (encryption/anonymization tools) 8/20/13

Disconnect (tracking blocker) 3/19/14

VirusTotal (file/url virus analyzer) 11/13/13

Norse: IPViking live (global cyber attack monitor) 8/14/14

DarkNet Stats (darknet stats) 11/7/14

Project Honey Pot (online fraud & abuse tracker) 8/25/13 (blackhat/seo forum) (blackhat/seo forum)

Hirens BootCD (computer first aid kid) |

Ninite (adware free software installer) 7/10/14

getCreditCardNumbers (valid credit card # generator)
CheckCreditCardNumbers (cc # validator) 8/20/13

Social Share Privacy (social share buttons) 9/13/13

Terms of Service; Didn’t read (terms of service ratings/labels) 11/22/14
TOSBack (terms of service tracker) 11/22/14

Have i been pwned? (compromised data checker) 8/20/15

Messaging & Chat

Bitmessage (encrypted P2P communications protocol) (bitmessage email-gateway) 9/6/13

RetroShare (decentralised communication platform) 8/20/13
TorChat (decentralised communication platform) 8/20/13

RedPhone (encrypted cell phone call android app) 8/20/13

TextSecure (encrypted text message android app) 8/20/13

Pidgin (messaging app) | Pidgen Encryption Plugin 8/20/13

Tor Messenger Beta (messaging app) 10/30/15 (encrypted messaging cell app) | torrentfreak
surespot (encrypted messaging android app) 8/20/13
ChatSecure (encrypted im for ios devices) 8/20/13

Cryptocat (encrypted chat browser plugin) 8/20/13

Search & Browsers

Fix Tracking! (non-tracking alternatives/fixes) 8/26/13

Duck Duck Go (anonymous non-tracking search engine)
Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You 11/4/13

AdBlock Plus (ad blocker)
AdBlock (ad blocker) 3/13/14

Disconnect (tracking removal browser plugin) 8/20/13

RequestPolicy (cross-site requests control firefox plugin) 8/20/13

Google Chrome (internet browser)
Mozilla Firefox (internet browser alternative)

PirateBrowser (piratebay/etc browser) | torrentfreak 8/10/13

Tor Browser Bundle (anonymous web browser) |

Tor2Web (tor network web application) | twitter 9/14/16
Tor2Web (tor network web application)
Onion2web (tor network web application) 9/14/16
OnionLink (tor network web application + search) 9/14/16
Tor2Web-Proxy (tor network web application + search) | twitter 9/14/16

User-Agent Switcher (chrome extension)


CoinMarketCap (crypto-currency market capitalizations) 11/26/13 (bitcoin value converter)

bitcoinity (live bitcoin price) 11/28/13

Bitcoin Analytics (live bitcoin analytics) 11/14/13
BitcoinWisdom (live bitcoin analytics) 1/15/16
Cryptowatch (live bitcoin analytics) 6/16/16

BitcoinAverage (bitcoin charts) 11/14/13
Blockchain Bitcoin Charts (bitcoin charts) 11/14/13
coinbase Bitcoin Charts (bitcoin charts) 11/14/13
bitcoin charts (bitcoin charts) 11/14/13


Strong Password Generator 8/14/13
Ultra High Security Password Generator 8/20/13
Strong Random Password Generator 8/20/13
Strong Password Generator 8/20/13 8/20/13

KeePass (password manager) 8/22/13
LastPass (password manager) 8/22/13
1Password (password manager) 9/14/16


Gmail (email)
Tutanota (email) 9/14/16
ProtonMail (email) 9/14/16

Mozilla Thunderbird (email client)


RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) (chrome extension)

W3 Feed Validation Service (rss feed validator)
Feed Validator (atom/rss/kml feed validator) 8/17/13

Feedly (personal news reader) 9/18/14
NewsBlur (personal news reader) 10/1/13
Tiny Tiny RSS (open source web-based news reader) 9/18/14


TweetDeck (twitter account viewer) >

RoundTeam (twitter contributer) 10/31/14

SnapBird (tweet search)
Topsy (tweet search) 9/6/13 (twitter unfollower tracker) >

Twitterfall (twitter trends/patterns tracker) 8/8/14


BaconReader (reddit android app)
Reddit Sync (reddit android app) (reddit user-graphs) | github
Reddit Investigator (reddit user-stats) 11/23/13
SnoopSnoo (reddit user-stats) 3/30/16
Redective (reddit search engine) 11/9/14

Reddit Enhancment Suite (reddit browser extension)

reddit-stream (reddit comment stream) 5/24/14

metareddit (reddit meta search) 5/24/14

Media Players

VLC Player (media player)
MPC-HC (media player) 8/23/14

Foobar2000 (audio player)
MediaMonkey (audio player)

Cloud & File Storage

OwnCloud (cloud storage script)
AjaXplorer (cloud storage script) 8/20/13
Cozy (cloud storage script) 8/20/13

Google Music (music cloud player)
Google Play (music cloud player for android)

DropBox (file storage) (file storage)

Subsonic (media streamer) 9/6/13
Madsonic (media streamer) 9/6/13

BTSync (p2p cloud) 8/12/15
Syncthing (p2p cloud) 8/12/15


Daemon Tools Lite (disk emulator)

Nero Portable (burning rom)

Movie/TV Databases & Downloaders

trakt (tv show and movie tracker) 8/29/13

FileBot (tv renamer/subtitle downloader/sfv validator) 1/12/14

TheTVDB (open tv database) 8/29/13

CouchPotato (newsgroup/torrent pvr)
SICKbeard (automated nzb and torrent downloader)
SickRage (automated nzb and torrent downloader) github | 7/29/14
FlexGet (multipurpose automation tool for downloads) 8/29/13
DuckieTV (automated tv calender) | reddit 7/8/14
TVShows (mac tv show torrent downloader) 8/29/13
showRSS (automated rss torrent downloader) 8/29/13
Torrent Watcher (torrent availability emailer) 7/2/14

VideoETA (bluray and dvd release dates) 9/14/16

TVShow Time (tv episode notifier) 8/13/15

TVShowCountdown (tv episode countdown) 10/10/15

TV Calendar (tv listings guide) 10/31/14
MyEpisodes (tv listings guide) 12/4/14
Air Dates (tv listings guide) 9/14/16

SeriesGuide (tv/movies chrome extension) | reddit 2/26/14

TVmaze (tv episode db) 10/5/15

Suggest Me Movie (movie suggestion generator) 6/7/15

Can I Stream .It? (streaming movie/tv search) 10/16/13

Download Apps

Free Download Manager (segmented downloader) 2/11/14
Internet Download Manager (segmented dl) 2/11/14
wxDownload Fast (multi-threaded downloader)
iGetter (mac multi-segmented downloader) 2/11/14

Filezilla (ftp client)
FlashFXP Portable (ftp client)
FTP Rush (ftp client)
WinSCP (ftp client)

Screenshot Apps

ShareX (screenshot/file/text instant uploader) >
Droplr (screenshot/file/text instant uploader) 11/11/13

Hyperdesktop (screenshot app)
GreenShot (screenshot app)
UpScreen (screenshot app) (screenshot app) (screenshot app)
ScreenCloud (screenshot app) 11/27/13 (screenshot app)
TinyGrab (screenshot app) 8/22/13 (screenshot app) 9/16/13
VVCap (screenshot app) 11/11/13

Fireshot (browser screenshot plugin)
Screen Capture by Google (browser screenshot plugin)
Awesome Screenshot (browser screenshot plugin) (website snapshot/screenshot) (website snapshot/screenshot) (web annotation tool)

Remote Desktop

TeamViewer (remote desktop app)
TeamViewer Apps (teamviewer for mobile)
LogMeIn (remote desktop website)


X-Ray Goggles (online website remixer) 9/15/13

Mozilla Thimble (online website sandbox) 9/15/13

jsFiddle (online javascript sandbox) 9/15/13

Mozilla PopcornMaker (online media sandbox/editor) 9/15/13

EtherCalc (web spreadsheet) 8/20/13


ZeroBin (text paste script) (customizable online notepad) (pastebin) 8/20/13 (pastebin) 8/20/13
Pastie (pastebin) 8/22/13

Privatepaste (encrypted pastebin) 11/7/13
CryptoBin (encrypted pastebin) 8/20/13
EZCrypt (encrypted pastebin) 8/20/13
Privnote (encrypted pastebin) 8/20/13
SecurePasteBin (encrypted pastebin) 8/20/13
PasteCrypt (encrypted pastebin) 8/20/13

Text Editors

Sublime Text (text editor) 8/21/14
Notepad++ (text editor) 8/21/14

OpenOffice (free office suite)
LibreOffice (free office suite)


OpenDNS (public dns)
Google Public DNS (public dns) (dns propagation checker) (dns propagation checker)

DNS Leak Test (dns leak checker) 9/5/13


StartSSL (free ssl certificates) 9/8/13

HTTPS Everywhere (https ssl encryption browser plugin)


Glype (web-proxy script) 9/5/13

Repress (wordpress proxy plugin) 9/7/13

FoxyProxy (proxy browser plugins) 8/30/13 (web proxies)
Unblock Sites (web proxy) 9/5/13 (web proxy)


Hola (free vpn) > 1/26/14
ProxMate (free vpn) > 1/26/14
ZenMate (free vpn) > 1/26/14

VPNCompare (vpn provider comparison) 1/26/14
BestVPN (vpn provider comparison) 8/22/13
VPN Creative (vpn provider comparison) 10/23/13

Lookups (self ip address lookup) (self ip address lookup) (extended self ip address lookup) (extended self ip address lookup) 2/18/14 (whois) (whois)

ViewDNS (whois/dns/ip lookup/etc) 10/23/13
DNSQuery (whois/dns/ip lookup/etc) 7/20/14

TCPIPUTILS (ping/lookup/trace/whois/etc) 8/23/14 (ping/lookup/trace/whois/etc) (ping/lookup/trace/whois/etc) (traceroute/ping) (traceroute/ping) (traceroutes) (open port checker) 8/10/13

Glasnost (isp shaping test)

IsUp.Me (domain status checker)
Is it up? (domain status checker) 1/12/14
Is It Down Right Now? (domain status checker) 9/26/13
DownUptime (domain status checker) 1/26/14 (speedtest)

Domains & Hosting (domain name search) (domain name search) (domain name search)

DirectRegister (free .nu domain names) (free subdomains + DNS)

Weebly (free website) (free blog)
x10 Hosting (free web hosting) (free wordpress blog)
Network23 (free anonymous wordpress blog)

Trsst (distributed open blogging platform with encryption) 9/11/13

Ebooks & Textbooks

DeDRM (ebook drm removal tools) 9/15/13

Boundless (affordable online textbooks/study materials) 8/23/13

Lendle (kindle borrowing program) 9/24/13


OpenStreetMap (collaborative world wide map) 8/20/13
Marble (virtual globe/atlas) 8/20/13

OpenSignal (3g/4g lte cell coverage map)


Google Translate (language translator)
BabelFish (language translator) 10/17/13

Duolingo (language learning app)

Links (google link shortener)

YOURLS (php/myql link shortener script) 11/13/13 (email address protected link)

GetPocket (link saver)
Urlist (link library) 7/22/14


Rasterbator (multi-page poster app)

imgur (image host)

GIMP (image manipulation program) 8/10/13


Ninite (core software custom installer) 2/5/14

IFTTT (personal channel connector) (youtube download website) (youtube to mp3 website)

7-Zip (archiving/archive-extraction – .001/.rar/.zip/etc)

Leaks All Day (music leak updates) | 11/2/13
Has It Leaked? (music leak updates) 11/2/13

It’s Almost (countdown clock) 7/11/15

Bulk Rename Utility (bulk file renamer)

HTTrack (website mirrorer) 8/20/13 (previous software versions)

StartIsBack (windows 8 start menu) 8/26/14

The Way Back Machine (internet archive)

Google Trends (google trend search) 8/26/13

The Big List Of Porn (TBLOP) (free porn links) 11/14/13

openClassical (classical artists youtube collection) 7/7/13