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Useful Software & Websites

Privacy & Security
Messaging & Chat
Search & Browsers
Media Players
Warez Scene
Cloud & File Storage
Movie/TV Databases & Downloaders
Download Apps
Screenshot Apps
Domains & Hosting
Ebooks & Textbooks

The dates represent the Date that the Link was added


Ninite (core software custom installer) ninite.com 2/5/14

HexChat (irc client) hexchat.org > hexchat.github.io
XChat (irc client) xchat.org
mIRC (irc client) mirc.com 9/24/13
HydraIRC (irc client) hydrairc.com 9/24/13
Snak (mac irc client) snak.com
Textual (mac irc client) codeux.com/textual/
Linkinus (mac irc client) conceitedsoftware.com/linkinus 8/28/13
Colloquy (mac irc client) colloquy.info 9/17/13
Smuxi (linux/mac/windows irc client) smuxi.org 9/17/13
Quassel IRC (cross-platform, distributed irc client) quassel-irc.org 11/13/13
WeeChat (linux-based irc client) weechat.org
Irssi (*nix-based irc client) irssi.org 1/9/14
Mibbit (web-based irc client) mibbit.com
Kiwi IRC (web-based irc client) kiwiirc.com 8/20/13
qwebirc (python-based irc client) qwebirc.org 8/22/13
AndroIRC (android irc client) androirc.com 10/5/13
AndChat (android irc client) andchat.net 10/5/13
Yaaic (android irc client) yaaic.org 10/16/13
CIRC (chrome irc client) chrome.google.com/webstore/ 10/16/13
Chatzilla (firefox irc client) mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/chatzilla/ 10/16/13

ZNC (irc bouncer) wiki.znc.in/ZNC
pysBNC (irc bouncer) psybnc.at
shroudBNC (irc bouncer) shroudbnc.info 9/17/13

PircBot (java irc bot) jibble.org/pircbot.php
pircbotx (java irc bot) code.google.com/p/pircbotx/

IRCHelp (irc help) irchelp.org

Privacy & Security

Tails (privacy/anonymity-focused live os) tails.boum.org/index.en.html 8/26/13

PRISM Break (encryption/anonymization tools) prism-break.org 8/20/13

Disconnect (tracking blocker) disconnect.me 3/19/14

VirusTotal (file/url virus analyzer) virustotal.com 11/13/13

Project Honey Pot (online fraud & abuse tracker) projecthoneypot.org 8/25/13

BlackHatWorld.com (blackhat/seo forum) blackhatworld.com
BlackHatFiles.com (blackhat/seo forum) blackhatfiles.com

Hirens BootCD (computer first aid kid) hirensbootcd.org/download/ | hiren.info

getCreditCardNumbers (valid credit card # generator) getcreditcardnumbers.com
CheckCreditCardNumbers (cc # validator) validcreditcardnumber.com 8/20/13

Social Share Privacy (social share buttons) github.io/SocialSharePrivacy/ 9/13/13

Messaging & Chat

Bitmessage (encrypted P2P communications protocol) bitmessage.org/wiki/Main_Page
Bitmessage.ch (bitmessage email-gateway) bitmessage.ch 9/6/13

RetroShare (decentralised communication platform) sourceforge.net 8/20/13
TorChat (decentralised communication platform) github.com 8/20/13

RedPhone (encrypted cell phone call android app) whispersystems.org 8/20/13

TextSecure (encrypted text message android app) whispersystems.org 8/20/13

Pidgin (messaging app) pidgin.im | Pidgen Encryption Plugin 8/20/13

Heml.is (encrypted messaging cell app) heml.is | torrentfreak.com
surespot (encrypted messaging android app) surespot.me 8/20/13
ChatSecure (encrypted im for ios devices) chatsecure.org 8/20/13

Cryptocat (encrypted chat browser plugin) crypto.cat 8/20/13

Search & Browsers

Fix Tracking! (non-tracking alternatives/fixes) fixtracking.com 8/26/13

Duck Duck Go (anonymous non-tracking search engine) duckduckgo.com
Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You lmddgtfy.net 11/4/13

AdBlock Plus (ad blocker) adblockplus.org
AdBlock (ad blocker) getadblock.com 3/13/14

Disconnect (tracking removal browser plugin) disconnect.me 8/20/13

RequestPolicy (cross-site requests control firefox plugin) requestpolicy.com 8/20/13

Google Chrome (internet browser) google.com/chrome/
Mozilla Firefox (internet browser alternative) mozilla.org/firefox/

PirateBrowser (piratebay/etc browser) piratebrowser.com | torrentfreak.com 8/10/13

Tor Browser Bundle (anonymous web browser) torproject.org | reddit.com/r/Tor
Onion.to (tor network web application) onion.to

User-Agent Switcher (chrome extension) google.com/webstore/


CoinMarketCap (crypto-currency market capitalizations) coinmarketcap.com 11/26/13

Preev.com (bitcoin value converter) preev.com

Bitcoin Analytics (live bitcoin analytics) bitcoin-analytics.com 11/14/13

bitcoinity (live bitcoin price) bitcoinity.org/markets 11/28/13

BitcoinAverage (bitcoin charts) bitcoinaverage.com 11/14/13
Blockchain Bitcoin Charts (bitcoin charts) blockchain.info/charts 11/14/13
coinbase Bitcoin Charts (bitcoin charts) coinbase.com/charts 11/14/13
bitcoin charts (bitcoin charts) bitcoincharts.com/charts 11/14/13


Strong Password Generator strongpasswordgenerator.com 8/14/13
Ultra High Security Password Generator grc.com/passwords.htm 8/20/13
Strong Random Password Generator passwordsgenerator.net 8/20/13
Strong Password Generator strongpasswordgenerator.org 8/20/13
safepasswd.com safepasswd.com 8/20/13

KeePass (password manager) keepass.info 8/22/13
LastPass (password manager) lastpass.com 8/22/13


Gmail (email) mail.google.com

Google Talk (gmail/google chat + email notifier app) google.com/talk/

Mozilla Thunderbird (email client) mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/


RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) (chrome extension) google.com/webstore/

W3 Feed Validation Service (rss feed validator) validator.w3.org/feed/
Feed Validator (atom/rss/kml feed validator) feedvalidator.org 8/17/13

NewsBlur (personal news reader) newsblur.com 10/1/13


TweetDeck (twitter account viewer) web.tweetdeck.com > tweetdeck.twitter.com

SnapBird (tweet search) snapbird.org
Topsy (tweet search) topsy.com 9/6/13

UnFollowers.me (twitter unfollower tracker) unfollowers.me


BaconReader (reddit android app) play.google.com/store/apps/
Reddit Sync (reddit android app) play.google.com/store/apps/

RedditGraphs.com (reddit user-graphs) redditgraphs.com | github
Reddit Investigator (reddit user-stats) redditinvestigator.com 11/23/13

Reddit Enhancment Suite (reddit browser extension) redditenhancementsuite.com

Media Players

VLC Player (media player) videolan.org/vlc/index.html

Foobar2000 (audio player) foobar2000.org
Winamp (audio player) winamp.com

Warez Scene

DAMN NFO Viewer (nfo viewer) softpedia.com/DAMN-NFO-Viewer.shtml

The Scene Release Unpacker & Manager codebyte.org 8/14/13
SCuN (scene rls unpacker) f0dder.reteam.org/scun/ 8/14/13

Cloud & File Storage

OwnCloud (cloud storage script) owncloud.org
AjaXplorer (cloud storage script) ajaxplorer.info 8/20/13
Cozy (cloud storage script) cozy.io 8/20/13

Google Music (music cloud player) music.google.com
Google Play (music cloud player for android) play.google.com

DropBox (file storage) dropbox.com
ge.tt (file storage) ge.tt

Subsonic (media streamer) subsonic.org 9/6/13
Madsonic (media streamer) madsonic.org 9/6/13

Streamza (torrent cloud streaming) streamza.com | torrentfreak 9/28/13
PUT.iO (torrent cloud streaming) put.io 10/31/13

Popcorn Time (streaming torrent client) getpopcornti.me | torrentfreak.com 2/27/14

StreamNation (torrent cloud streaming) streamnation.com 2/5/14
zbigz (torrent cloud streaming) zbigz.com 2/5/14
Furk (torrent cloud streaming) furk.net 2/5/14
Fuge.it (torrent cloud streaming) fuge.it 2/5/14
Filestream (torrent cloud streaming) filestream.me 2/5/14


Daemon Tools Lite (disk emulator) daemon-tools.cc/eng/products/dtLite

Nero Portable (burning rom) portableappz.blogspot.com

Movie/TV Databases & Downloaders

trakt (tv show and movie tracker) trakt.tv 8/29/13

FileBot (tv renamer/subtitle downloader/sfv validator) filebot.net 1/12/14

TheTVDB (open tv database) thetvdb.com 8/29/13

CouchPotato (newsgroup/torrent pvr) couchpota.to
SICKbeard (automated nzb and torrent downloader) sickbeard.com
FlexGet (multipurpose automation tool for downloads) flexget.com 8/29/13
TVShows (mac tv show torrent downloader) tvshowsapp.com 8/29/13
showRSS (automated rss torrent downloader) showrss.karmorra.info 8/29/13

SeriesGuide (tv/movies chrome extension) google.com/webstore/ | reddit 2/26/14

Can I Stream .It? (streaming movie/tv search) canistream.it 10/16/13


Deluge (bittorrent client) deluge-torrent.org
uTorrent (bittorrent client) utorrent.com

Sharefest (p2p browser app) sharefest.me | torrentfreak.com

JanHouse Uploader (torrent auto-uploader) janhouse.lv/uploader/

Seedbox-From-Scratch (seedbox script) github | mnvv2.info | torrent-invites.com 9/8/13
flizbox (seedbox script) sourceforge.net/projects/flizbox/ 4/13/13

PTPUploader (ptp uploader python script) code.google.com/p/ptpuploader/ 9/8/13

PeerTracker (php/sql public tracker software) github.com | wikipedia | .zip 9/18/13

Torrent Editor (online torrent editor) torrenteditor.com 9/26/13

Mgnet.me (magnet link shortener) mgnet.me 11/23/13

Check My Torrent IP (torrent ip leak test) checkmytorrentip.com
IPLeak (torrent ip/dns leak test) ipleak.net 3/4/14
CheckMyTorrentIP (torrent ip leak test) checkmytorrentip.net 3/4/14

Download Apps

Free Download Manager (segmented downloader) freedownloadmanager.org 2/11/14
Internet Download Manager (segmented dl) internetdownloadmanager.com 2/11/14
wxDownload Fast (multi-threaded downloader) dfast.sourceforge.net/index.html
iGetter (mac multi-segmented downloader) igetter.net 2/11/14

Filezilla (ftp client) filezilla-project.org
FlashFXP Portable (ftp client) mirrorcreator.com
FTP Rush (ftp client) wftpserver.com/download.htm#downfile2
WinSCP (ftp client) winscp.net/eng/index.php

Screenshot Apps

ShareX (screenshot/file/text instant uploader) code.google.com > getsharex.com
Droplr (screenshot/file/text instant uploader) droplr.com 11/11/13

Hyperdesktop (screenshot app) gethyperdesktop.com
GreenShot (screenshot app) getgreenshot.org
UpScreen (screenshot app) sharpmindprojects.com/project/upscreen/
puush.me (screenshot app) puush.me
gyazo.com (screenshot app) gyazo.com
ScreenCloud (screenshot app) screencloud.net 11/27/13
prntscr.com (screenshot app) prntscr.com
TinyGrab (screenshot app) tinygrab.com 8/22/13
snag.gy (screenshot app) snag.gy 9/16/13
VVCap (screenshot app) vvcap.net 11/11/13

Fireshot (browser screenshot plugin) getfireshot.com
Screen Capture by Google (browser screenshot plugin) google.com/webstore/
Awesome Screenshot (browser screenshot plugin) google.com/webstore

Freze.it (website snapshot/screenshot) freze.it
Archive.is (website snapshot/screenshot) archive.is

Marker.to (web annotation tool) marker.to


X-Ray Goggles (online website remixer) goggles.webmaker.org 9/15/13

Mozilla Thimble (online website sandbox) thimble.webmaker.org 9/15/13

jsFiddle (online javascript sandbox) jsfiddle.net 9/15/13

Mozilla PopcornMaker (online media sandbox/editor) popcorn.webmaker.org 9/15/13

EtherCalc (web spreadsheet) ethercalc.org 8/20/13


ZeroBin (text paste script) sebsauvage.net/wiki/doku.php?id=php:zerobin

wrttn.in (customizable online notepad) wrttn.in

Pastebin.com (pastebin) pastebin.com 8/20/13
pastebin.ca (pastebin) pastebin.ca 8/20/13
Pastie (pastebin) pastie.org 8/22/13

Privatepaste (encrypted pastebin) privatepaste.com 11/7/13
CryptoBin (encrypted pastebin) cryptobin.org 8/20/13
EZCrypt (encrypted pastebin) ezcrypt.it 8/20/13
Privnote (encrypted pastebin) privnote.com 8/20/13
SecurePasteBin (encrypted pastebin) securepastebin.com 8/20/13
PasteCrypt (encrypted pastebin) pastecrypt.com 8/20/13


OpenDNS (public dns) opendns.com
Google Public DNS (public dns) developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using

WhatsMyDns.net (dns propagation checker) whatsmydns.net
dnscheck.pingdom.com (dns propagation checker) dnscheck.pingdom.com

DNS Leak Test (dns leak checker) dnsleaktest.com 9/5/13


StartSSL (free ssl certificates) startssl.com 9/8/13

HTTPS Everywhere (https ssl encryption browser plugin) eff.org/https-everywhere


Glype (web-proxy script) glype.com 9/5/13

Repress (wordpress proxy plugin) wordpress.org/plugins/repress/ 9/7/13

FoxyProxy (proxy browser plugins) getfoxyproxy.org 8/30/13

Proxy.org (web proxies) proxy.org
Unblock Sites (web proxy) unblocksit.es 9/5/13
HideMyAss.com (web proxy) hidemyass.com


Hola (free vpn) hola.org 1/26/14
ProxMate (free vpn) proxmate.dave.cx 1/26/14
ZenMate (free vpn) zenmate.io/home/ 1/26/14

VPNCompare (vpn provider comparison) vpncompare.co.uk 1/26/14
BestVPN (vpn provider comparison) bestvpn.com 8/22/13
VPN Creative (vpn provider comparison) vpncreative.net 10/23/13


whatismyip.com (self ip address lookup) whatismyip.com
xmyip.com (self ip address lookup) xmyip.com
whoer.net (extended self ip address lookup) whoer.net/extended
ifconfig.me (extended self ip address lookup) ifconfig.me 2/18/14

MyIP.ms (whois) myip.ms
Who.is (whois) who.is

ViewDNS (whois/dns/ip lookup/etc) viewdns.info 10/23/13

Network-Tools.com (ping/lookup/trace/whois/etc) network-tools.com
yougetsignal.com (ping/lookup/trace/whois/etc) yougetsignal.com
ping.ms (traceroute/ping) ping.ms
tools.pingdom.com (traceroute/ping) tools.pingdom.com
geektools.com/traceroute.php (traceroutes) geektools.com/traceroute.php

CanYouSeeMe.org (open port checker) canyouseeme.org 8/10/13

Glasnost (isp shaping test) broadband.mpi-sws.org/transparency/bttest.php

IsUp.Me (domain status checker) isup.me
Is it up? (domain status checker) isitup.org 1/12/14
Is It Down Right Now? (domain status checker) isitdownrightnow.com 9/26/13
DownUptime (domain status checker) downuptime.com 1/26/14

Speedtest.net (speedtest) speedtest.net

Domains & Hosting

IWantMyName.com (domain name search) iwantmyname.com
Name.com (domain name search) name.com
Domai.nr (domain name search) domai.nr

DirectRegister (free .nu domain names) directregister.com
Afraid.org (free subdomains + DNS) freedns.afraid.org

Weebly (free website) weebly.com
WordPress.com (free blog) wordpress.com
x10 Hosting (free web hosting) x10hosting.com

WordPress.com (free wordpress blog) wordpress.com
Network23 (free anonymous wordpress blog) network23.org

Trsst (distributed open blogging platform with encryption) trsst.com 9/11/13

Ebooks & Textbooks

DeDRM (ebook drm removal tools) apprenticealf.wordpress.com 9/15/13

Boundless (affordable online textbooks/study materials) boundless.com 8/23/13

Lendle (kindle borrowing program) lendle.me 9/24/13


OpenStreetMap (collaborative world wide map) openstreetmap.org 8/20/13
Marble (virtual globe/atlas) marble.kde.org 8/20/13

OpenSignal (3g/4g lte cell coverage map) opensignal.com


Google Translate (language translator) translate.google.com
BabelFish (language translator) babelfish.com 10/17/13

Duolingo (language learning app) duolingo.com


goo.gl (google link shortener) goo.gl

YOURLS (php/myql link shortener script) yourls.org 11/13/13

scr.im (email address protected link) scr.im

GetPocket (link saver) getpocket.com


Rasterbator (multi-page poster app) rasterbator.net

imgur (image host) imgur.com

GIMP (image manipulation program) gimp.org 8/10/13


IFTTT (personal channel connector) ifttt.com

KeepVid.com (youtube download website) keepvid.com
YouTube-mp3.org (youtube to mp3 website) youtube-mp3.org

7-Zip (archiving/archive-extraction – .001/.rar/.zip/etc) 7-zip.org

Leaks All Day (music leak updates) leaksallday.com | twitter.com/leaksallday 11/2/13
Has It Leaked? (music leak updates) hasitleaked.com 11/2/13

OpenOffice (free office suite) openoffice.org
LibreOffice (free office suite) libreoffice.org

Bulk Rename Utility (bulk file renamer) bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Main_Intro.php

HTTrack (website mirrorer) httrack.com 8/20/13

OldVersion.com (previous software versions) oldversion.com

TeamViewer (remote desktop app) teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx
TeamViewer Apps (teamviewer for mobile) teamviewer.com/en/download/mobile.aspx
LogMeIn (remote desktop website) secure.logmein.com

The Way Back Machine (internet archive) archive.org/web/web.php

Google Trends (google trend search) google.com/trends/ 8/26/13

The Big List Of Porn (TBLOP) (free porn links) tblop.com 11/14/13

openClassical (classical artists youtube collection) openclassical.com 7/7/13

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