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Where Pirated Content Comes From: The Scene, Release Groups

The Scene

A large % of pirated material originates from release groups in “The Scene”

This content then trickles down to other sources of filesharing

Forms of piracy/filesharing outside of “The Scene” are often collectively referred to as P2P

Private Torrent Trackers
Publicly Tracked Torrent Indexes
DDL Blogs/Forums
IRC (xdcc/dcc)
Other Forms of P2P/Filesharing

Release Groups

Aside from the release groups in “The Scene”, there are many others that reside elsewhere:

• Release Groups “half way” between Scene and P2P
• Private Tracker Internal Release Groups
• Publicly Tracked Torrent Release Groups
• DDL Forum/Blog Release Groups
• Usenet/Newsgroup Release Groups
• DC++ Release Groups

..this content trickles down as well

Private Tracker Internal Groups List @
Private Tracker Internal Groups List @
Private Tracker Internal Groups List @

Individual Users

All other pirated material comes from individual users uploading content

Release Databases

There are many databases that log releases originating from within “The Scene”

PreDB’s (Pre Databases)


There are also databases that log releases originating from forms of P2P

P2P Release Databases

..although compared to PreDB’s these release databases are less maintained/reliable


List of PreDB’s & Release Databases @ /links/warez-scene/#rlsdb

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