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Opentrackers.org does not condone breaking Private Tracker rules!

Breaking Tracker Rules can lead to Permanent Bans.. Acquire Invites Legitimately or Not At All!

This includes (but is not limited to): Ratio Cheating, Invite Selling, Invite Trading, Account Selling, Account Stealing, Bonus Point Selling and Seeking Invites outside of Official Means (Official Recruitment Threads, Internal Tracker User-Class Restricted Forums, Officially Allowed Giveaways, Friends, etc)

Finding Open Signups, Private Trackers and Invites 11

While I attempt to keep Opentrackers.org as complete and up to date as I can, there are many alternate methods for finding open signups and other Private Torrent Trackers not already included on this blog

I use many resources to keep this blog updated

The primary resources I use to find out about limited signups are Invite Forum Sections for Open Signups

I have compiled many on this list.. /links/#trackerlists

I do not recommend anyone actually use these or any non-Private Tracker or otherwise allowed Invite Forums for anything other than browsing
In fact, even having an account on an Public Invite Forum can be risky and possibly lead to a red-flag situation or a potential ban

I have the first 4-5 of these sections bookmarked in a folder in Google Chrome and tab them open 2-3x a day to check the latest posts for limited signups

Over the nearly 10 months I have operated this blog, I have become fairly familiar with most of the largest Private Trackers, making noticing limited signups relatively easy

I have compiled (and continue to seek out) many lists/forum sections/blogs/etc for Private Trackers and add them to this list

I also use these links to find new Private Trackers to add to the blog

Even with 400+ reviews currently on this blog, I routinely find well maintained, functioning Private Trackers with open signups that I have never seen before using these lists/forum sections/blogs/etc

While Opentrackers.org has only ever included Private Trackers that are in some way open to the public in some way or another (open signup, donation signup, application signup)..

There are many, many other Private Torrent Trackers that have not had any form of public signup method during the time I have maintained this blog (or ever)

I specifically mention some of the most notable in this comment on Reddit > /c8wgo2z

..a majority of the rest can be found using the the above mentioned list

The only legitimate ways to find invites to a large % of these Private Trackers (outside of being given an actual invite by a member you know) are..

Officially Allowed Recruitment Threads

Officially Allowed Invite Giveaways

Internal Private Tracker User Class-Restricted Invite Forums

While some Private Trackers have lax feelings about invites being given away in public forums (ie: /r/trackers consolidated invite thread, /r/invites, etc)..

..a good % do not allow this and specifically mention it as a ban-worthy offense

One of the most common causes of Private Tracker users finding themselves banned from one or more Private Trackers is receiving a public invite from a user who has been (or will be eventually) caught selling/trading invites/accounts or some other ban-worthy offense

When a member is caught selling invites, trading invites, hacking & stealing accounts, selling accounts, etc.. often their entire invite-tree is banned too

Receiving an invite from a public forum is risky at best

TorrentFreak article about the Private Tracker Global-Ban System

Before taking everything in the above TorrentFreak Article as fact

Read the various rebuttals below..


The healthiest, safest alternative is to join trackers via open signups, application signups, donation signups

..and the following method

Many Private Trackers have Internal User Class-Restricted Invite Forum Sections where-in users of a certain user-class can acquire Official and Legitimate invites for other Invite-Only Private Trackers

One of, if not the most common method for gaining access to one of these Forum Sections is by the following steps..

1) Joining What.cd via their Interview Process

2) Maintaining and progressing ones account to the Power-User Class (pu+)

3) Gaining access to the What.cd Internal Private Tracker User Class-Restricted Invite Forums

What.cd is unique due to the fact that it is the sister-tracker to some of the largest, most well maintained Private Trackers (notably PTP and BTN) and godmother to many, many more

..all while maintaining an open and well-maintained interview process

Many other large, well maintained Private Trackers differ from What.cd in that they don’t have user-class restricted invite forums..

..or they are restricted to VIP (paying) members

..or they are not well maintained and/or shady (ie: they allow invite-trading)

Another example of a well maintained tracker with a relatively accessible entry process and official invite forums for many of the best Private Trackers is baconBits

If you belong to a Private Tracker, check to see if your user-class allows you access to a user-class restricted invite forum (or find out if any of your trackers have these forums and work on progressing your user-class)

Be a friendly, healthy, respectful Private Tracker user and develop friendships within the communities..

Many people have legitimate, safe invites

You don’t need illicit invites!

Acquire your invites legitimately or NOT AT ALL!

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11 thoughts on “Finding Open Signups, Private Trackers and Invites

  1. Reply LEO Sep 16,2013 11:58 pm

    U R doing Good JOB and U R Site Is Amazing ;)

    thanks for Latest Updates ;)


  2. Reply kurwa mac Sep 17,2013 12:17 am

    You are crazy !! This is the best and will be always the best site about torrent trackers. It seems that you are possessed by torrents ! Great work.

  3. Reply Anonymous Sep 17,2013 12:43 am

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! Could you please update us when Chorome, which is a Korean private tracker, opens for sign up? Thanks!

  4. Reply Anonymous Sep 17,2013 4:27 am

    Love the depth of this post.

    Appreciate all the work you do.


  5. Reply Anonymous Sep 17,2013 2:56 pm

    A very good. Do you know other trackers who have a well maintained forum like baconBits?

    • Reply Opentrackers.org Sep 17,2013 3:26 pm

      Off the top of my head..

      PTP, BTN, Waffles, AHD, GGn, BH5

      ..there are many others, I don’t know them all

  6. Reply Anonymous Sep 17,2013 2:57 pm

    Ehrm… A very good post I wanted to write. Sorry.

  7. Reply Mai Mai Sep 17,2013 3:23 pm

    I feel like a big dork im 28 when I was a teen I used to hack into government databases but got caught and either could go work for the spooks or not do it again ;) pays to have your uncle head of national security. But Man as nerdy as I am I do processing working on app but mainly a product, clothing graphic/web designer. Because none of my macbook pro’s my iphone’s nor my ipad’s are made by little 6th or 7th Commie Kids with little steady hands right before I timemachine either my shit goes or my driver goes. I invested in some great stuff if anyone wants to know what it is i love my server and my iosafe.

    ALL I wanted to say is THANK YOU I feel like I’m retruning to sanity I lost everything.. now rebuilding :) Keep it up :)

    • Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2013 3:29 pm

      >I used to hack government databases

      For some reason I think your definition of the term “hacking” isn’t the usual one

  8. Reply h3X0r1911 Sep 17,2013 4:40 pm

    @Mai Mai

    and then you woke up, dreaming boy. Stop making up stories you fool.

  9. Reply razor1911 Feb 19,2014 8:23 am

    moi je vous conseille se trackers privé : http://paradise-gangster.com

    il est jeune, juste 512 torrent d’uploader
    pas beaucoup de membre

    vener pour faire évoluer le site svp

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