Starting the Interview

Getting an IRC Client

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a beefier version of chat clients you may be used to, like AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) or Yahoo! Messenger.

Suggested Clients

  • mIRC (Windows)
  • X-Chat (Windows, Linux)
  • Colloquy (Mac OS)
  • mibbit (web browser)

Once you have downloaded, installed, and set up your IRC client, read on!

Connecting to What.CD’s IRC

YOU MAY ONLY INTERVIEW ON YOUR HOME CONNECTION. Proxies, bouncers, shells, office lines, and other non-home connections (including using your friend’s home connection) are not allowed. You may connect from your university dormitory.

IRC Server:

Port: 6667 (+6697 for SSL)

After you have connected to What.CD’s IRC network, type: “/join” (without the quotation marks) and follow the directions in the topic.


In order to join the queue, you will have to take a speedtest on your home connection (remember, you may ONLY interview on your HOME CONNECTION!).

If you live at college, please explain this to your interviewer.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “BEGIN TEST” (blue button).
  3. Wait for your test to finish.
  4. Click on “SHARE THIS RESULT” (green button).
  5. Click “COPY” (blue button).


Back in, type: “!queue ” (without the quotation marks).

For example, !queue

Then wait for an interviewer to interview you.

But I’ve waited forever!

All of our interviewers are What.CD users who voluntarily interview, so you may have to wait a while before you are interviewed. Although it seems like a lot of interviewers are in the channel, many of them may be “idling” (they are in the channel but are unable to interview).

Feel free to talk to others in about anything appropriate, but avoid interview topics and chatting while you are being interviewed.

More Questions?

Join if you have initial or follow-up questions about the interview or the interview process.

Note: and are the ONLY channels that you are allowed to join. Other channels are for What.CD users only.