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TheShow (TSBZ) is a Private Torrent Tracker for ENTERTAINMENT-INDUSTRY E-LEARNING

TheShow is the sister-site of TheEmpire, TheVault, ThePlace, TheOccult and TheGeeks




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  1. Reply Anonymous Sep 18,2013 1:34 am

    Nice show, I like it.

  2. Reply hhumas Apr 25,2015 12:27 pm

    i am getting error creating account

  3. Reply Anonymous Apr 25,2015 4:30 pm

    lund site got error

  4. Reply Anonymous Aug 30,2016 5:21 am

    It is closed now.

  5. Reply Anonymous Aug 30,2016 9:26 am

    Login failed!
    This account has been disabled.


  6. Reply Anonymous Sep 1,2016 5:35 pm

    This account has been disabled.
    WTF is this?

  7. Reply Anonymous Sep 2,2016 5:39 am

    ” This account has been disabled. ” WTF ????

    why? if you not need more members closed open register and not need disabled, bitches

  8. Reply Anonymous Sep 11,2016 4:36 pm

    Same thing here. Account disabled. Signed up less than week ago.

  9. Reply Anonymous Oct 12,2016 7:57 pm

    I’ve been a Member of TheGeeks for a long time. I love it. No Hollywood bullshit movies, only insightful Torrents.
    This is its sister Site. However, keeping Ratio in TheGeeks is continually complicated by the lack of Traffic. Eventually, you’ll find yourself downloading only FREE Torrents to avoid a ban.
    Hopefully, this site has more activity.

  10. Reply Anonymous Oct 15,2016 4:35 pm

    Their IRC doesn’t work, constantly dropping out and now can’t connect. Anybody know how else to contact them?

  11. Reply Anonymous Oct 17,2016 11:52 am

    Garbage site. Lasted less than a week after downloading only one torrent and continually logging in.

  12. Reply Anonymous Dec 21,2016 4:32 pm

    For all the people who got banned. Go to the IRC on the front page and they will help you. It happened to me to.

  13. Reply Anonymous Jan 15,2017 12:17 pm

    IRC kicks people and tells them to return “without proxy.” Bunch of amateurs. Why not just send them my address and phone number too.

  14. Reply Anonymous Apr 29,2017 9:16 am

    Is it offline???

  15. Reply Anonymous May 18,2017 6:52 pm

    I do not recommend. I will just share their own words verbatim:

    They will ban you without warning: “Bans are permanent.”

    They are intolerant: “We will show 0 tolerance”

    They are a security risk: “mutinous staffer has turned on the ability to donate by CC at the .bz sites and we’ve had reports that he’s managed to trick some members into donating there. ”

    “The staffer in question has now started redirecting the domains he still controls to the old box. At this point it’s pretty much certain that this is a deliberate and belligerant [sic] act by someone attempting a hostile takeover. Stay safe people and change your passwords; someone willing to betray partners of 10+ years is probably not the best curator of your data.”

    And yet they do not adapt: “Signing up from a Proxy or VPN will fail.”

    Like the person above me said, why not just send them my home address so their staffer can extort me at will.

  16. Reply Anonymous Sep 1,2017 10:57 am

    and YET.. people signup and ignore our rules page despite agreeing to it. MOST private p2p sites ban proxy signups or invites – they ALL agree theres a need to know who you really are – after getting spanked by spammers, cheaters and proven people who make multiple accounts, and people do disagree to their rules but want ALL the content regardless.

    Bad behaviour by these people gets you guys rules nowadays.

    Come to our IRC if you need to ask before signing up

    Click Admin

  17. Reply Anonymous Oct 8,2017 5:23 am

    This site is the biggest joke you’ve ever seen. Save your time.

  18. Reply Anonymous Feb 4,2019 12:45 am

    Login failed!
    This account has been disabled.


  19. Reply Anonymous Jul 8,2021 4:56 pm

    I tried to sign up several times it says cannot. Why? More information will be appreciated

  20. Reply Anonymous Jul 10,2021 10:19 am

    closed 🔐

  21. Reply Anonymous Oct 31,2021 12:00 pm

    Get the error on create account:
    Proxies/VPN/Tor are not allowed

  22. Reply Anonymous Dec 6,2021 1:59 pm

    TheEmpire, TheVault, ThePlace, TheOccult and TheGeeks the most stupid sites.

    Get the error on create account:
    Proxies/VPN/Tor are not allowed

  23. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2021 2:27 am

    Once you sign up, you will realise that your account has been disabled on next login. Then you have to go to irc channel and negotiate to either donate or show good merit by providing seeding proofs and high ratio on other sites. Good Luck, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. Do not worry that much about using your real ip on private trackers, up until now there is not a single private tracker user who has been prosecuted.

  24. Reply Anonymous Nov 20,2022 3:04 am

    I am not using any proxy or VPN
    But still I get the error on create account:
    Proxies/VPN/Tor are not allowed

  25. Reply Amin Feryadi Nov 29,2022 8:38 am

    they are turly bunch of idiot
    banned me in a min, i didnt even use tor\proxy\vpn
    also i didnt make hit\run

    Just skip that lame tracker.

  26. Reply Anonymous Mar 13,2024 7:25 pm

    Exclusive content.

  27. Reply Anonymous Mar 19,2024 7:23 pm

    Highly intelligent place to be. Must have 10/10.

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