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XtremeWrestlingTorrents (XWT) is Open for Signup! 2


XtremeWrestlingTorrents (XWT) is a Private Torrent Tracker for PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING / MMA

XtremeWrestlingTorrents is the internal tracker for multiple internal release groups

XtremeWrestlingTorrents is the sister site of XWT-Classics, All4Nothin and Torrent-Vision





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Signup Link: http://xtremewrestlingtorrents.net/signup.php

Forum Link: http://xwt-forums.net/

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2 thoughts on “XtremeWrestlingTorrents (XWT) is Open for Signup!

  1. Reply Jason Jun 12,2013 3:48 am

    I was on this site once but it has become pretty bad most cappers and uploaders think they are the best at what they do and really up themself and that really puts me off but anyway about a year ago i found http://ultimatewrestlingtorrents.net/ and im glad i did i love the layout of the site and the shoutbox really makes it different to the other wrestling torrent sites i do recommend this site you dont have to pay for an account or to download content you can donate and get VIP but the is optional one day i can see my self being a VIP there if you like WWE, UFC and TNA you will love the site :)

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