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  1. Reply Anonymous May 12,2017 1:40 pm

    invite code?

  2. Reply Anonymous May 12,2017 10:52 pm

    need invite code !!!

  3. Reply Bakemono May 13,2017 12:23 am

    does their torrent (movies, tv, general) have only russian audio or both russian & english audio ??

  4. Reply Anonymous May 13,2017 12:29 am

    Well you need an invitation code, so it’s pretty useless…

  5. Reply Anonymous May 13,2017 1:13 am

    the rules is baad

  6. Reply hasselhoff May 13,2017 3:59 am

    remove this entry. you need an invite indeed.

  7. Reply Mind Blower May 13,2017 6:13 am

    you can apply by Sending a message to staff about your purpose to become the new ultrahdclub user as well as supply us with links or screenshots of your profiles on popular torrent-trackers. We’ll reserve the right to give a priority to those who can and will seed a lot plus has substantial legacy on other HD-trackers. The fake letters or without any proof of real/existing accounts will be ignored!!!

  8. Reply Anonymous May 13,2017 8:06 pm

    ICQ? does anyone still use that lol.

  9. Reply Anonymous May 15,2017 12:07 pm

    Nobody in IRC channel, no response to emails even willing to donate. /shrug

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