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truHD is an INDIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / MUSIC

truHD is the internal tracker for multiple release groups




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  1. Reply Anonymous Sep 11,2016 1:12 pm

    After account confirmation, the main page says:

    “We Need Your Help to Make this Community Better, We are Going to Update our Servers so We Need Your Help for this.
    Donate Us:”

    “You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.”

    Nothing is shown.

  2. Reply Anonymous Sep 11,2016 1:41 pm

    this is not right if you open registration you should entertain all new members…

  3. Reply Anonymous Sep 11,2016 1:43 pm

    from their pictures it looks like perrity lame site dont bother applying for their registration…

  4. Reply Anonymous Sep 11,2016 11:18 pm

    they should show what they have. after that they can beg for money. don’t waste your time with this fucking tracker

  5. Reply Anonymous Sep 12,2016 1:02 am

    they have good collection of Music but want money for all good content…

    Hope it will go far because i Just buy their Pack….Now its Good for all their Premium Content…

    But its Not Good if You Don’t want to Pay Him.

    I give 7/10 to this but they offer Contents Free then they deserve 9/10 for their Music Collection.

  6. Reply STAFF Sep 16,2016 12:44 am

    if you can’t donate, do not bother joining and then complain that you cant download anything. stop being broke, get a job, and donate to us. period.

  7. Reply NRR Sep 16,2016 3:42 am

    It’s Nice Website, If You Can Donate, But if You Can’t You can Still Continoue with Compressed Music & Videos… Thanks

  8. Reply Anonymous Sep 20,2016 1:29 pm

    After joining I can’t even navigate the site. There’s not any way I can figure out how to upgrade if I just get erors.

    • Reply STAFF Sep 21,2016 6:59 am

      you cant navigate because you didnt donate, tell me your site name so I can disable your account since we announced not to write bad reviews on the internet about us.

  9. Reply Anonymous Oct 3,2016 10:28 am

    Scam Site

  10. Reply Anonymous Dec 18,2016 8:57 am

    This tracker suchs so bad, you can’t do anything unless you donate. Fuck that, who the hell pays to pirate stuff?

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