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TheSportsTorrentNetwork (TSTN)


TheSportsTorrentNetwork (TSTN) is a Private Torrent Tracker for SPORTS

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This signup has closed!

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TorrentFreak Article about 2014 TSTN Shut Down

  1. Reply Anonymous Jan 17,2014 6:11 am

    It’s open ATM!

  2. Reply Anonymous Apr 15,2014 4:49 am

    Very sad new, anyone know an alternate sport torrent with NHL?

  3. Reply Anonymous Apr 15,2014 5:46 am

    Yes, very sad indeed, was a bit shocked actually, because I didn’t know about the prewarnings; and right before the NHL playoffs and all.

    To bad the jokers that produce the sports don’t understand the luxury of spoiler free access for out-of-country fans (which bring a lot of money to the game through merchandise).

    This should not be legal action, but non-profit legal distribution.

    If anyone know of a similar tracker with focus on NHL and a spoiler-free climate (the only other one I know of got shut down last year) please add a comment.

  4. Reply Anonymous Apr 15,2014 6:40 am

    Just when they started having OHL games on their site..damn! Hope another site similar opens soon, this was one of the best EVER!

  5. Reply Anonymous Apr 16,2014 3:24 am

    that’s freaking so sad and bad. and right when the playoffs were gonna start.
    They could not wait !!!

    freakin Betman!! as if there is not enough money in the NHL bank account. to deprive a few hundreds or even thousand fan trying to watch the game in countries you can never watch games properly or at all.

    As if shutting down TSTN will bring more million in their pocket.

    There are too many money hungry vampire in this world.

    really sad.

  6. Reply Anonymous Apr 16,2014 12:43 pm

    Check the official Subreddit link above to see where the content is moving to ;)

  7. Reply Anonymous Apr 19,2014 5:30 pm

    Gutted. TSTN was a great place for North American sports for those of us outside the continent. I feel for all the NHL fans who’ve now been cut off from watching the playoffs.

    And I agree with the anon who said that it isn’t like the NHL doesn’t have enough money in the coffers to let a few thousand fans not in the US or Canada off on downloading games. NHL/MLB/NBA/NFL really need to acknowledge their international fans and serve them better.

  8. Reply Anonymous May 29,2014 1:23 am

    Just found out about this, disappointing to say the least as it was my best source for downloading LA Kings games in the UK. It’s too damn expensive to purchase a subscription to NHL Gamecenter as well as AND NBA League Pass. GC is the only reasonably priced along with, NBA:LP is ridiculous at around £170. The amount of money I’ve given to these sports I feel entitled to download some games free from time to time, utter bs for everything to be shut down

  9. Reply Anonymous Jun 30,2014 11:58 am

    does it take a long time to recieve a confirmation email? because mine is taking a very long time.

  10. Reply Anonymous Jun 30,2014 2:06 pm

    shut down again

  11. Reply Eithrial Jul 8,2014 9:58 am

    Is recovering old accounts not yet working or just my account somehow disappeared?

  12. Reply sfu_420 Jul 10,2014 1:58 pm

    old accounts on TSTN ( don’t work !
    new site and new database

  13. Reply Anonymous Jul 12,2014 8:58 am

    Is it working for you guys ?
    I am not receiving my validation email :(

  14. Reply Anonymous Jul 13,2014 3:52 pm

    Looks more like a cheap attempt from completely different people to gain TSTN’s community than renewed version of it.

  15. Reply sfu_420 Jul 17,2014 1:54 pm

    NO validation email will be send, just wait admin valid your account (validated will be after few hours)

  16. Reply Tsertain Aug 26,2014 9:55 am

    Is there any way for a previous donating member to be allowed onto the new site?

    I’d have no problem donating again to get back on. Thanks.

  17. Reply sfu_420 Sep 2,2014 4:23 am

    opening of the 1st (50 places) and the 15th (50places) on the month

  18. Reply Anonymous Oct 10,2014 6:39 am

    Any idea if and when the next sign-up face will be?

  19. Reply Not Biting Oct 16,2014 8:40 pm

    Sorry, this is not the old web site, and not run by the same people. There may be a few old staff who joined these guys, but from what I have seen, they are NOT to be trusted.

  20. Reply Anonymous Oct 17,2014 2:08 pm

    The layout and design looks horrible. No thanks.

  21. Reply Anonymous Oct 19,2014 5:00 pm

    a bit dodgy maybe but its already better than any other sports tracker (theyre all bad)

  22. Reply Anonymous Oct 20,2014 6:29 am

    No real support for Football (Soccer) it seems, tracker seems to mainly focus on NFL. The design is horrendous too, they’d be better off using a default template.

  23. Reply Anonymous Oct 28,2014 9:46 pm

    is this tracker down again?

    I had an account (in good standing I might add) but now I can’t access the site and the torrents I’m seeding there says “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it”

  24. Reply Anonymous Dec 21,2014 12:20 pm

    There is no such thing as “TSTN v2”. TSTN was UK site on sports. This is some vietnamese wannabe quickly made to gain the old user base and make some money on it.

  25. Reply Anonymous Jan 23,2015 2:43 pm

    its down now, anybody know anything?

  26. Reply Anonymous Feb 2,2015 12:06 pm

    New site 403 Forbidden!?

  27. Reply Anonymous May 1,2015 12:45 am

    Not a single torrent available. What a shitty site.

  28. Reply Anonymous Nov 22,2015 3:00 am

    No Torrent on this site

  29. Reply Anonymous Jan 8,2016 8:40 am

    any good alternative NHL torrent sites guys??

    I’m desperately searching the net.. :-(

  30. Reply wywsthzild Apr 21,2020 11:26 am


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