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TheBox (Tbz) has Shut Down


TheBox (Tbz) was a Private Torrent Tracker for UK MOVIES / TV / MUSIC / RADIO

This Private Tracker has shut down!

An Official Message from the Staff @ TheBox

It is with great sadness that we must announce the closure of, effective on September 1st.

This decision has not been an easy one but, given the increasingly hostile climate towards torrent sites as of late, we feel it’s a necessary move.

On September 1st, the torrent section of the website will be deactivated.

As TheBox has always been as much about community as about sharing, forums and private messages will remain functional for a while longer.

Afterward, we will securely wipe all account details before retiring the server for good.

Discussion and farewells are welcome here

Thank you for being a part of TheBox. It’s been a fun ride.

~ Tbz Staff

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  1. Reply KingPin Nov 26,2013 1:25 am

    Glad they gone tbh because the site was run by silly little kids playing at the big I am. They ruined the site. Mind you the cappers were crap as well putting their silly little watermarks onto everything – like they owned pirated material lol. Good riddance to a crap site. Maybe when the kiddies have grown up they may do it properly.

  2. Reply notshutdownbutmoved Jan 1,2014 12:13 pm

    The new site is called they tuck a round 35.000 former members from the old thebox site and moved to the TOR site above, they lied about closing down and they dumped over half of there former thebox members when they moved to

  3. Reply Anonymous Mar 13,2015 5:08 am a good alternative

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