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  1. Reply Info Jun 13,2013 2:37 pm

    Open registration is currently closed.
    Currently, We grant a invite in exchange for a small donation.

  2. Reply Require Jun 13,2013 3:09 pm

    Ohw please, i just thought it’s open ………….

  3. Reply Anonymous Dec 3,2014 11:43 am

    this website is crap.. I’ve tried sooo many times to set up an account, took screenshots and opened support ticket, with literally ZERO help from the owner/admin getting to a donation page.. WHAT KIND OF WEBSITE SAYS YOU MUST DONATE TO JOIN AND THEN DOESN’T PROVIDE DONATION LINKS ANYWHERE?! SO ANNOYING!

  4. Reply Anonymous Jun 18,2017 8:59 pm


  5. Reply Anonymous Jun 18,2017 10:48 pm

    Still closed, why even bother posting here?

  6. Reply Jack of no trades Jun 18,2017 11:29 pm

    Isn’t The Audio Scene Pay-to-Leech?

  7. Reply mcGAS Jun 19,2017 1:15 am

    —best fart sounds compilations available here—

  8. Reply h3X0r1911 Jun 19,2017 3:41 am


  9. Reply h3X0r1911 Jun 19,2017 3:41 am

    only for donations are opened

  10. Reply Anonymous Jun 19,2017 10:36 am

  11. Reply Anonymous Jun 23,2017 7:43 am

    lol fuck your donation. shit tracker anyways

  12. Reply Anonymous Jul 23,2017 5:44 am

    audionews so much better

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