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Teracod is Open for Signup!

Teracod is a HUNGARIAN Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / GENERAL

Teracod is the internal tracker for multiple release groups

Sign up and join the community!
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  1. Reply Alex Oct 16,2013 2:08 am

    This is good site but not private. Not the piratebay but also is good

  2. Reply Alex Oct 16,2013 5:30 pm

    Why do you think ? sign up is open,this site is not private. Private sites is exigo,bitmetv and others .

    • Reply Oct 18,2013 11:34 am

      What makes the “tracker” private is whether or not it requires authorization to use it

      If the “site” requires registration and the “tracker” requires auth, then its a Private Tracker

      Otherwise.. it’s either:

      Semi-Private (requiring reg but using public trackers or a private “tracker” in combination with public trackers)


      A Publicly Tracked Torrent Index (no reg, using only public “trackers” like openbt, publicbt, etc)

      The amount time a private tracker has open registration (if at all) or the fashion in which it has registration (open signup, donation signup, interview/application signup, etc) has nothing to do with whether or not its a “private tracker”

      ..that would make calling a tracker private or public an opinion

  3. Reply Anonymous May 24,2014 11:47 am

    It is not free, pay by SMS.

  4. Reply Anonymous Oct 31,2016 7:50 pm


  5. Reply Anonymous Nov 20,2016 5:34 pm

    necessary re-open register c


  6. Reply enghu Mar 14,2017 5:30 pm

    anyone knows how to set up english ?

  7. Reply Anonymous Mar 15,2017 11:46 am

    @the guy with torrenteditor screenshot

    Its public, see the torrent’s private option; which is marked offset. Which means, the site is public and also works on dht.

  8. Reply Jack of no trades Sep 3,2017 2:16 am

    Teracod is dead?

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