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  1. Reply Anonymous Apr 17,2016 3:33 pm

    You have to seed something to be able to download stuff. If you don’t, you can only download about 11gb. It’s a pain to seed because no one downloads at all.

  2. Reply Anonymous Aug 9,2016 8:24 am

    Be careful if you download vinyl rips at, some member remaster them and then claim they’re the original vinyl version.

  3. Reply Anonymous Sep 12,2016 7:58 am

    When I was over there it wasn’t just seeding, you were required to cap torrents, which is a completely different hassle compared to seeding. Funny how the (at least apparent in this situation) left can be so fascist. The most anal-retentive sports torrent sites aren’t this bad.

  4. Reply Underslunky Jul 4,2021 4:21 am

    Authoritarian website. The exact opposite of punk.

  5. Reply Anonymous Dec 3,2021 5:54 am

    Lefty tossers, conformist toerags, probably double-jabbed, hardly punk.

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