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  1. Reply TalkRadioStar Jun 1,2017 4:36 am

    Most amazing tracker ever! Even better than the Tracker thats solely devoted to Ween!!!!
    Can’t say enough good things about it, from the start they have everything you could ever want “stern related” I filled so many request at spleen and few other places thanks to this amazing tracker.
    If you are breathing then this is a must for any serious dedicated torrenting individual. Sign up and hold on for the most amazing ride of your life. Oh yea everything is freeleech permanently and you only have to seed for 4 hours :D you can’t beat it

  2. Reply Anonymous Jun 2,2017 2:58 pm

    Sometimes coming across the daily Howard Stern shows on other torrent websites is difficult, so hopefully this dedicated tracker will be quick about posting the most recent shows.

  3. Reply walkman1416 Jun 6,2017 3:17 pm

    this site is preaty cool glad i found this one good howard stern content

  4. Reply Anonymous Jun 22,2017 7:51 pm

    Is there really enough demand to support this?

  5. Reply Anonymous Jun 24,2017 1:46 pm

    Site is insanely bigger now and has live radio and everything.

    ITS FUCKING AMAZING. Looks better and tons of content. YA!!!

  6. Reply Matt G Jul 9,2017 5:44 am

    Signups now closed =( i was soo excited too

  7. Reply Anonymous Aug 6,2017 11:00 pm

    Hopefully this keeps all of Howard sterns content off other trackers.

  8. Reply Anonymous Aug 10,2017 2:10 am

    Looks like both the tracker and website are gone.

  9. Reply Anonymous Sep 1,2017 11:37 am

    Looks like a very niche tracker. Which is good!
    I wish this tracker good luck.

  10. Reply Anonymous Oct 6,2017 6:28 am


  11. Reply Anonymous Oct 22,2017 11:32 am

    “Hopefully this keeps all of Howard sterns content off other trackers.”


  12. Reply AyYoto Oct 22,2017 2:17 pm

    HeyNow ByeNow!

  13. Reply Anonymous Jan 15,2018 9:04 pm

    seems to be closed

  14. Reply Anonymous Jan 16,2018 1:09 am


  15. Reply Anonymous Jan 16,2018 8:07 am

    closed now

  16. Reply Anonymous Jan 16,2018 7:56 pm

    Did it ever open for new sign ups? I have been checking for the past few days and never saw it open. Would love an invite. I have lost all my sources.

  17. Reply tzatzi Jan 21,2018 2:31 am enjoy

  18. Reply Anonymous Jan 21,2018 4:58 am

    using a valid email but getting ”

    400 That e-mail address is no longer available. Please register using another address.”

  19. Reply Anonymous Jan 21,2018 6:34 pm

    I enter my email and it does not send the email to register. WTF

  20. Reply Anonymous Jan 23,2018 5:15 pm

    Does anyone know when registration will be open? Thanks so much!!

  21. Reply Anonymous Feb 13,2018 7:59 am

    Back open

  22. Reply Anonymous Feb 22,2018 5:01 pm

    hello, i need an invite please

  23. Reply Anonymous Feb 22,2018 5:02 pm

    would love an invite please

  24. Reply Anonymous Mar 7,2018 4:05 am

    bullshit, signups are closed and you can’t even join the irc

  25. Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2018 7:12 pm

    What a bummer – i finally found an alternative for Stern content since the shut down of heynowlife and sign ups are closed!

    Who do i have to hit with the hein to get an invite to this thing!

  26. Reply Anonymous Mar 26,2018 8:33 am

    irc is now

  27. Reply Anonymous May 10,2018 11:04 pm

    Can this please open up again. I’m begging.

  28. Reply Anonymous Jun 2,2018 7:30 pm

    No email received after registering and topic on irc states registration: closed…

  29. Reply Anonymous Jun 10,2018 9:47 pm

    It’s back open for registering as per the website

  30. Reply Anonymous Jul 23,2018 8:31 am

    errr just joined for free so it is still open please top talking cunty is there not enough duplicitous shit on the net already

  31. Reply Anonymous Aug 29,2018 6:16 pm

    When will it open back up?

  32. Reply kdee Sep 4,2018 10:52 am

    the website is down for me

  33. Reply your mom Sep 4,2018 3:28 pm

    it is now old domain got shutdown

  34. Reply Anonymous Sep 5,2018 7:12 pm

    I couldn’t remember my password and got my IP banned. AHHH

  35. Reply cheese Sep 7,2018 6:18 am

    They stopped all the howard stern streaming and all that good stuff, oh well

    that sucks oh well, back to usenet and torrents.

  36. Reply stern_fan Sep 7,2018 9:18 pm

    Ironically, the show isnt worth the effort to download lately…

  37. Reply Boottootscoot Sep 8,2018 5:44 am

    shows are still always around via usenet and torrents, seems they shutdown all streaming and anything to do with howard stern other than the community inside who share the daily show with each other.

  38. Reply Rodrk Sep 8,2018 6:03 pm

    I don’t really care about the streaming but hate to go back to public trackers for stern show. Seems my login does not work on the above site so i’m out in the cold for now.

  39. Reply Lee Sep 9,2018 2:43 pm

    Yeah I had a great ratio at The Archive, my login info from Archive doesn’t work on Nostalgic Torrents so I’m fucked as well. I’m a Sirius subscriber but I don’t like to listen to the whole show on their app. I prefer MP3s.

  40. Reply Anonymous Sep 14,2018 2:46 pm

    Email potoffski at gmail for daily show in mp3

  41. Reply Anonymous Sep 16,2018 6:33 am

    I’m here because YouTube has taken down the current show and I don’t know anything about torrents so I guess I’m fucked

  42. Reply Anonymous Sep 18,2018 6:30 am


  43. Reply Anonymous Sep 19,2018 7:20 pm

    Yep just got them from this email potoffski at gmail. WOrks!
    That dude is doing god’s work! hah

  44. Reply JR Sep 19,2018 11:58 pm

    what do I do and where do I go to go back to downloading the daily (new) howard stern show mon-wed my comp just crashed I paid $200 just to fix my pc just for this purpose I used to download off pirate bay but the 2 people who were uploading there stoped sept 12 2018 I need every ster show from then on in I am on disability and cant afford a life long subscription in Toronto but downloading stern show onto my ipod is 99% of my pc use now I read you have to apply to a site to do this and they are not accepting applicants please direct me to a site where I can download the new show daily or the next day for free. I am not a tech wizard so please as simple as possible. If no such thing exist I might as well take a sledge hammer to my pc or should have saved the $200 computer repair for a legal subscription till I can afford pc repairs but like I said I am on disability and stern is my only pleasure. please help!!!!!

  45. Reply Anonymous Sep 21,2018 2:01 pm

    No sites are bothering with Howard Stern MP3 anymore because #1 the show sucks now, and #2 its just not worth it.

    show is on newsgroup alt.binaries.howard-stern

    daily show and videos of new show are uploaded there too same day

    if you can’t figure out how to use newsgroups/usenet… You don’t need to be downloading anyways.

  46. Reply Anonymous Sep 25,2018 11:31 am

    Found alt.binaries~then what?

  47. Reply Anonymous Sep 26,2018 9:19 pm

    Hey, I would really like to download old stern shows. If someone could help me pls email me at

  48. Reply Anonymous Oct 5,2018 10:24 pm

    The people at Nostalgic say someone (that’s not them) is creating a new HS tracker soon.

  49. Reply Anonymous Oct 5,2018 11:58 pm

    Nothing will ever beat the old WushDishMeen site.
    The greatest Howard Stern fan/download site of all time.

  50. Reply Anonymous Nov 6,2018 2:31 pm

    Did the old Hey Now go down.?

  51. Reply Anonymous Nov 20,2018 9:02 am

    how do we apply

  52. Reply Anonymous Dec 23,2018 6:27 am



  53. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2018 7:23 am

    Crystal one will be shutting down Dec 31 2018

  54. Reply Anonymous Jan 12,2019 10:09 am

    Does anyone know where to find *Bubba The Lovesponge* torrent sites?

  55. Reply Anonymous Jan 12,2019 7:25 pm

    Any replacement
    site for Crystal One?

  56. Reply Anonymous Feb 5,2019 3:42 pm

    not working ? ;(

  57. Reply Anonymous Feb 5,2019 3:43 pm

    not working ?

  58. Reply Anonymous Feb 5,2019 10:24 pm


  59. Reply Anonymous Feb 5,2019 11:09 pm

    Not working…
    “400 That e-mail address is no longer available. Please register using another address.” With fresh, valid email address

  60. Reply hasselhoff Feb 6,2019 12:46 am

    JFYI: e-mail immediately worked. Got the mail in 3 seconds.

  61. Reply Anonymous Feb 6,2019 10:14 am

    already closed

  62. Reply Anonymous Feb 6,2019 11:34 am

    Sign-ups for less than 24 hrs, wtf?

  63. Reply Anonymous Feb 8,2019 12:22 am

    Registrations are closed

    please open again!!

    somebody please tell me if this tracker have some official recruitment ??

  64. Reply Anonymous Feb 8,2019 3:37 am

    want but can’t
    so that’s how it is huh
    keeping tabs on this one

  65. Reply Anonymous Feb 8,2019 4:49 am

    Just go apply on their IRC server. I got in there easily.

  66. Reply Anonymous Feb 8,2019 8:14 am

    thanks will do

  67. Reply Anonymous Feb 8,2019 10:03 am

    Doors open again in 10 days. (the 18th)

  68. Reply Anonymous Feb 9,2019 2:22 am

    How do you know it that doors will open again in 10 days? Thanks

  69. Reply Anonymous Feb 9,2019 11:10 am

    not happy says sign up open went to signup page waste of time closed ??????

  70. Reply Chezboots Feb 11,2019 1:12 pm

    Ahhhhhh I missed it :( I’ve wanted in on this one for awhile now!

  71. Reply Anonymous Feb 12,2019 4:54 pm

    open those damn signups! pls! hehe

  72. Reply Anonymous Feb 14,2019 5:38 am

    it’s open now for 12-24 hours then closed.

  73. Reply Anonymous Feb 14,2019 5:32 pm

    Took my email address and password, emailed me the New Account Confirmation, I clicked on the enclosed link, it took me there but then won’t let me log in because it says I’m a bot. I don’t need the aggravation.

    • Reply Anonymous Feb 20,2019 6:29 am

      That’s from you having extra plugins in your browser. Disable all your plugins so security doesn’t think you’re a bot. Happened to me.

  74. Reply Anonymous Feb 15,2019 1:47 am

    Well it’s open now and registration went without a hitch.

  75. Reply Anonymous Feb 15,2019 7:59 am

    Registration is closed as of 02/15/2019 at 07:51AM

  76. Reply Anonymous Feb 17,2019 5:47 pm

    No come on im 2 days late!!!

  77. Reply Anonymous Feb 18,2019 5:22 am

    How can we find when registration will ever be open for ?

  78. Reply Anonymous Feb 18,2019 5:44 am

    Hey douche bags, quit thinking you’re going to just keep reinventing yourselves. You had your chance and you blew it.

  79. Reply Anonymous Feb 18,2019 10:07 am

    Any similar trackers?

  80. Reply Anonymous Feb 19,2019 8:39 am

    Dont waste your time Stern fans, theres no Stern Show content. Just lonely incels trading anime porn and manga e-magazines. And youre not even allowed to download anything until you come out of pocket.

    • Reply Anonymous Feb 20,2019 6:12 am

      I fucking love the site. I’ve been a member for over a year and it’s evolved into one of my favorite trackers.

      I can satisfy a lot of my wants and needs from things I thought I’d never find here.

      To each his own I guess? site is a 10/10 for me. Very creative.

    • Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2019 8:26 am

      youre not even allowed to download anything until you come out of pocket

      yeah, sure thing bud

  81. Reply fuck wits Feb 19,2019 11:56 am

    wankers keep telling you sign ups open when you try fecking closed twats lets just hope they get closed down dickheads

    • Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2019 8:27 am

      wankers keep telling you sign ups open when you try fecking closed twats lets just hope they get closed down dickheads

      I mean, who even reads the message at the top of the screen when you go to apply amirite?, while admirable does have its fault

  82. Reply Anonymous Feb 20,2019 6:06 am

    I love this site it’s amazing. Don’t let the stern haters bring you down they are upset they all got banned.

    This is the best thing to happen since myspleen and TV Vault!

  83. Reply NaNa Feb 20,2019 1:57 pm

    I applied via IRC, got in. This site is pretty rad. lots of free leech. Love the design like emporniums.

  84. Reply Anonymous Feb 20,2019 5:22 pm

    Hello Staff Open Registers again in Nostalgic site

    I’d like join to traker…

  85. Reply Anonymous Feb 21,2019 5:43 am

    Dont believe the shills, this site is no good, they’re only going to beg you for money every second.

    • Reply Anonymous Feb 23,2019 2:44 pm

      I got in via their IRC. Was easy.

      if you’re too dumb or lazy for that then.. I guess write a negative comment to feel bad about how lazy and dumb you are?

      maybe move out of your parents house and pay for your own internet? lol

    • Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2019 8:22 am

      just because you cannot torrent doesn’t mean others can’t

  86. Reply Anonymous Feb 23,2019 8:45 am

    Registrations are closed

  87. Reply Anonymous Feb 26,2019 7:29 am

    Just opened for 12 hours from this time stamp.

  88. Reply PorePuss Mar 2,2019 1:07 pm

    opened for 24 hours

  89. Reply Anonymous Mar 7,2019 11:27 am

    Don’t bother this site will be dead in a year, you can’t build a respectable ratio because nobody wants the garbage they offer so nobody downloads it. The 40gb of files I want we’re snatched by 40 people, but has 3 slow ass seeders. Then the leader makes all these promises for the site but takes them away because nobody seeds but if someone has a horrible ratio, no problem he just fixes it for these people and they grab more and disappear. And he’ll also post all about how much he loves myspleen and let’s steal all their content and move it to this site for “archiving”. And if you point anything out, he’ll put your conversations up on the forum and chastise you in front of everyone. Stay Away!!!!

    • Reply Anonymous Mar 7,2019 1:49 pm

      I understand what you just said, but I guess some of the imposters who loves myspleen to steal stuff!

    • Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2019 7:27 am

      This site kicks ass and I always get 100-1gbit easily. You must of been that guy abusing that got banned. Wow these trolls see no responsibility for their stats. This is why opensignups suck. You get noobs who get removed then they make up things to slander the site.

    • Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2019 8:17 am

      “Stay Away!! No one wants their garbage content!” “they are archiving spleen” “ratios can be fixed and some people abuse that!!”


    • Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2019 8:23 am

      just because you cannot torrent doesn’t mean others can’t mate
      better go back to school and learn how to read and follow

  90. Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2019 7:29 am

    Also myspleen’s owner gave the site the blessing to archive. Also no ones ever been put on blast on the forums. The mods and admins are very nice, there is a freeleech system that lists the torrents to EASYILY maintain ratio.

    Contents all the time for 1TB credits for uploading a couple things.

    I have 10TB upload.. This guy is just a troll, ignore him. People just want to blame everyone else for their lack of reading, knowledge, and education how to use a torrent site.

    Notalgic is by far one of the most clean, happy, and great places to find in this niche. Open signups always attract the dumb noobs who are so entitled.

  91. Reply FrozenAlex Mar 8,2019 7:43 am

    Nostalgic. You won’t even know when a nice memory of an old show, movie, game you have been entertaining with in your past comes into your mind.
    And in that moment, you’d wished there was some place where you could search for your faint memory, and you’ll be in pain.
    But here, now, this place exists.

    And if maybe at some moment it’s closed, what? You can come back and check from time to time if they opened the gate for you to fill your void.

  92. Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2019 8:19 am


  93. Reply Anonymous Mar 8,2019 9:57 am

    Been here for a week and the community is phenomenal and as a bonus it has the biggest nostalgic archive i’ve seen.

  94. Reply Magissia Mar 8,2019 11:28 am

    Got there while it was open.
    Tracker has some content, plans to re encode oldies in HEVC to optimize storage used and has friendly staff that care enough to resolve a torrent client issue that was only a low percentage in their tracker.

    Folks I’ve seen there where friendly, torrents are seeded and people are willing to look at what they can do if you somehow cannot connect to them to improve the swarm.

    I’m happy I got to the registration page at the good time to be able to signup, there’s a good job archiving memories there.

  95. Reply Anonymous Mar 13,2019 2:02 pm

    omg I hit the holy grail. Applied on their irc network and got in same day. I really love this sites layout and the collection is beyond decent. I wish I had more free space.

  96. Reply Anonymous Mar 15,2019 5:14 pm

    I wonder how downloading torrents were working at this time.

  97. Reply Anonymous Apr 2,2019 6:16 pm

    Oh well, I guess all open sign ups were closed, so yeah…

  98. Reply Steve Apr 12,2019 10:34 pm

    How can I join Nostalgic Torrents (The Archive) please?

  99. Reply Anonymous Apr 27,2019 6:52 am

    @Cecelia142, Nobody gives a fuck about this shit.

  100. Reply caviar blaque Apr 27,2019 7:23 pm

    i was thinking of signing up until i read that they’re re-encoding with hvec to ‘save storage’. does anyone know more about this?

    • Reply Anonymous May 2,2019 12:13 pm

      Means that they’re re-encoding to x265 some, not all of their content.
      Like some dvdrip isos or what they’ve collected from myspleen, with permission from myspleen btw.
      Because x265 has better compression than either xvid or x264, so the video files are smaller in size, which then saves storage space.
      Hope this clears up your concerns. And yes, I’m a member, highly recommend this tracker, though I believe they’ve closed open signups for now. Might still be able to get in through IRC.

  101. Reply Anonymous May 7,2019 11:46 pm

    Garbage. Dont bother just another money grab.

    • Reply Anonymous May 20,2019 10:45 am

      Hey there reddit troll, nice to see you! lol @ people like this. Site got some haters because they refuse to conform to their dorky ways.

  102. Reply Anonymous May 20,2019 10:44 am

    fuck this place is amazing. It’s like myspleen 2.0

  103. Reply Anonymous May 23,2019 6:10 am

    Finally got in and this place is so cool. Good community, cool admins and finding this old nick shows has been paradise for me!

  104. Reply Anonymous Jun 3,2019 7:03 am

    how do i sign up

  105. Reply dookie Jun 5,2019 10:34 pm

    OMG FREAKING PARADISE! I found my favorite niche.

  106. Reply Anonymous Jun 12,2019 10:36 am

    cant resolve irc server :(

  107. Reply Anonymous Jun 15,2019 10:30 pm

    You guys should mark this closed!!!

  108. Reply Anonymous Jun 20,2019 5:26 am

    the irc is #nostalgic

  109. Reply Anonymous Jul 14,2019 4:33 am

    open for application signups again

  110. Reply Anonymous Jul 25,2019 6:13 am

    can anyone tell me how to access this? i really want the stern archive. ill paypal you money to anyone who can help me!

  111. Reply Anonymous Jul 30,2019 12:06 am

    I’m willing to negotiate. I’ll seriously pay just to get the stern archive. Do you have email or somehow to communicate

  112. Reply Anonymous Aug 23,2019 8:15 pm


  113. Reply Anonymous Aug 27,2019 3:53 pm

    This was such a great site. Hopefully it comes bslc online at some point.

  114. Reply Anonymous Aug 29,2019 2:36 pm

    Use .is instead. It’s still up

  115. Reply Anonymous Aug 30,2019 3:21 pm

    they removed howard stern from the site

  116. Reply Anonymous Aug 31,2019 8:35 am

    .is isn’t working

  117. Reply Anonymous Sep 6,2019 8:52 am

    So sad this is dead (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  118. Reply Anonymous Sep 7,2019 2:20 pm

    Nope, .is was still alive.

  119. Reply Anonymous Sep 25,2019 3:46 pm

    use and make sure you tick the Lock IP address to this session when logging in.

  120. Reply Anonymous Oct 11,2019 7:59 pm

    .is is dead for me too…

  121. Reply Anonymous Oct 12,2019 4:32 am

    .is is dead

  122. Reply Anonymous Oct 12,2019 2:38 pm

    i’m the comment from october 11 saying .is was down. tracker is back up.

    Home page message:
    “Backing up site now. We are back in action sorry”

  123. Reply Anonymous Oct 17,2019 1:17 am

    404 Not Found this morning 10-17-2019

  124. Reply Anonymous Oct 23,2019 1:06 pm

    This site still appears to be closed for applications, if anyone could link to another Howard TV archive it would be much appreciated :)

  125. Reply Anonymous Oct 30,2019 12:55 pm

    The site stats and screens here are SUPER outdated

    This site is like 50x bigger now. opentrackers sucks for keeping anything updated and current

  126. Reply Anonymous Nov 6,2019 10:32 am

    $50 PSN gift card and I will send you a link to something better

  127. Reply Anonymous Nov 26,2019 2:53 pm

    100$ PSN card and I will send you Howard Stern’s address

  128. Reply Anonymous Dec 6,2019 7:22 am

    OMG this site is amazing, finally got in. WOOOP WOOP

  129. Reply Anonymous Dec 20,2019 10:34 am

    This site is now on the tor network. I am a member and I don’t what that means or how to get to the tracker anymore. Can anyone help?

  130. Reply Anonymous Dec 20,2019 1:10 pm

    Admin got scammed and lost $400 (Amazon Gift Cards) totally lost it and gave everyone freeleech status and warned a total sudo rm -f / shortly after.
    Shortly after: Found his inner calm, had purged the scammers and seemed pretty happy about that little payback hunt he had succeeded in, even opened a new donate goal to recover the lost and everyone was happy, but guess not:

    We have moved domains for tracker and site. You can find us on the tor network currently. Our archive is safe all 78TB.

    We will never return to the public eye, ever. You should move on. Ownership has been transitioned to another tracker owner. I quit, but they’ve adopted our staff.

    Updates when they decide to announce who adopted us.

    Update: The announcement will be within the new parent trackers site All our members will be absorbed, from this point on it’s in their hands. This is a perm FL site for those worried about status.

    Update2: The database was purged, only contains torrent blobs, usernames, pass, email. All backups, servers, and mods to nos/lum are gone. Please, Take care, and brush your hair.

    4 month ago site admin had come down with something bad without health insurance (AMERICA F*#K YEAH!), used up all the donors money to recover and now dare to f*** everyone the same just cause of a few rotten apples. Be careful with the big decision in a rush of anger.
    Happy holidays and a magnificent New Year!

  131. Reply Anonymous Dec 20,2019 2:41 pm

    This is the latest I found on the site.

    Double thanks for the gold award! You guys are awesome.
    I’m glad you all have made this one of the top threads despite the admin of the site making numerous fake accounts to downvote. Glad to know people can’t be blindsided so easily. I tried to get the word out when he stole the donation money
    but he had his mod friend here bury the thread so it’s good to see people finally seeing this guy for who he really is

  132. Reply Anonymous Dec 20,2019 3:53 pm

    OOps. I fogor the last line.
    server migration done in 4-6 hours`ish.

  133. Reply Anonymous Dec 20,2019 7:05 pm

    As a member I don’t know where to go to after the migration =( tried IRC…you don’t think they’d send a mass email by chance?

  134. Reply Anonymous Dec 21,2019 1:00 am

    I wish I had the answer. I am wondering the same thing.

  135. Reply Anonymous Dec 21,2019 6:03 am

    Here is the latest.
    The fact you refresh this page to comment on reddit makes you a serious pussy and a super beta.
    This has made our demand sky rocket.
    We are doing what we can as fast as possible.
    We are on our tor address now till new domain.

    This is just a troll page so we can laugh at reddit if you haven’t bothered to login via tor.

  136. Reply Anonymous Dec 22,2019 1:25 am

    What’s the Tor link for this tracker?

  137. Reply Anonymous Dec 22,2019 5:11 am

    I wish I had some info. I don’t know the TOR link or if there really is a TOR link. I don’t even know where to check. I can’t get info at IRC either.

  138. Reply Anonymous Dec 22,2019 7:17 am

    There is a new update on irc. Can anyone tell me how to access them on irc?

  139. Reply Anonymous Dec 22,2019 7:38 am

    That link never works for me. I am using a browser with it, not a client.

  140. Reply Anonymous Dec 22,2019 11:59 am

    They have a new domain.
    update made on irc.

    No more updates, any questions use our IRC. We have new a domain.

    Please wash your vagina and move on. But, thanks for the laughs.

    Thank you for giving holiday entertainment while the wifey plays awful christmas music. Great distraction.

  141. Reply Anonymous Dec 22,2019 7:31 pm

    (08:54:39 AM) Laserdisc: We have a new domain. We have been sold
    (08:55:06 AM) Laserdisc: Those who are already on the new site will see the announcement
    (08:55:12 AM) Laserdisc: all members will be adopted in
    (08:56:24 AM) Laserdisc: expect an email at whatever you registered with

  142. Reply Anonymous Dec 23,2019 1:22 am

    I finally got on IRC. You have to request to rejoin. You can only do it through IRC. They will review your application and let you know if you can rejoin.

  143. Reply Anonymous Dec 27,2019 10:42 pm

    New site is actually up, I got in because I used to do a lot of VHS rips, whole thing is just as much of a circlejerk tho.

    You either suck his d*** or kiss his a**.

    I can’t imagine this will last long, if anyone has suggestions besides archive I would appreciate it.

  144. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2019 4:20 pm

    Agreed with the user above about ‘circlejerk.’ I was idling in their IRC and the conversations were toxic, it was enough to convince me to remove all the torrents that I still had seeding and moving on from that tracker. No way in hell will I ever ‘reapply’ to that mess!

  145. Reply Anonymous Dec 29,2019 1:10 pm

    To everyone who think the problem about Nostalgic Torrents, it’s dead now cuz of too much drama and toxic in the community, so if you’ll reddit assholes involved this situation, then you guys would be banned forever.

  146. Reply Anonymous Dec 31,2019 7:31 pm

    LaserDisc is known as circlejerk, LMFAO!

  147. Reply Anonymous Jan 6,2020 10:50 pm

    RIP Nostalgia Torrents

  148. Reply Anonymous Jan 10,2020 11:21 am

    Another message from LaserDisc (Admin):

    This site will be restored to DEC 20th 2019, All users will have access. This site is being passed on to CD69.
    I under estimated the reaction of me not caring and just being a racist, homophobe, and etc.
    It was all in the spirit of trolling, anger, and just not caring anymore. I reacted in the worst way possible on purpose. I had no idea the site was this popular.
    To salvage the damage I’ve caused to our community I will no longer be in control or the admin.
    I believe this is the right thing to do as I move on with my life,
    I don’t care about the internet anymore or archiving. I am not good for the scene.

    Feel free to archive this site for the public,
    everything is in the hands of the mods/community now.

    My deepest appologies.

  149. Reply Anonymous Jan 10,2020 3:51 pm

    hope it comes back

  150. Reply Anonymous Jan 10,2020 3:52 pm

    I just the recent message. Still down 4 now though.

  151. Reply Anonymous Jan 10,2020 3:52 pm

    I just saw* the

  152. Reply Anonymous Jan 10,2020 8:29 pm

    Last few messages from LaserDisc (Admin):

    We’ve always trolled about passing the site on, however there is no desire to run this site anymore from myself, I don’t want to pirate anymore,
    even if it’s just old media and vhs.
    It’s not in my hands anymore, next update will be from new ownership.

    Don’t allow my negative actions to spoil the way you treat the new ownership please.
    Don’t act like this is reality. Treating it like that means you need help. We’ve all moved on.
    CD69 wants the site smaller, so expect that.

    This is not a false statement, troll, etc. This is sympathy for those left in the flames.

  153. Reply Anonymous Jan 14,2020 4:50 pm

    It’s back!!!

  154. Reply Anonymous Jan 17,2020 12:49 pm

    Can’t login. The error says it might be cloudflare issue and to disable ipv6(i’ve never seen somthing like this asked for). I shouldnt be banned. anybody else have luck today.

  155. Reply Anonymous Jan 17,2020 6:10 pm

    I can’t get on the site. I am trying to log in via the domain. Has the domain been changed? I really hope it comes back as I love this site.

  156. Reply Anonymous Jan 23,2020 9:38 am

    How do we apply? I was a previous member of the old site and have over 8TB to share

  157. Reply Anonymous Feb 2,2020 6:19 am


  158. Reply Anonymous Feb 6,2020 7:32 pm

    how to get on pls halp

  159. Reply Anonymous Feb 12,2020 4:06 pm

    We couldn’t connect to the server :(
    Took too long to connect

    thats what mines says ?

  160. Reply Anonymous Mar 1,2020 9:23 am

    You can apply via their site now. :D :D

  161. Reply Anonymous Jun 6,2020 4:50 am

    what is the domain now? is no longer working for me

  162. Reply Anonymous Aug 21,2020 3:13 pm

    It’s not working anymore as of now.

  163. Reply Anonymous Aug 21,2020 3:13 pm

    It was now known as vhstapes.

  164. Reply Anonymous Aug 28,2020 9:52 pm

    the irc says “[VHSTAPES SITE/TRACKER = DEAD] There are no plans yet for going forward. Idle around for any new info!”

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