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morethan-tv_banner (MTV) is a ratioless Private Torrent Tracker for TV / MOVIES is the internal tracker for the release group DRACULA

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This signup has closed!

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  1. Reply feds Jan 11,2015 1:41 am

    doesnt work…

  2. Reply pseudonym Jan 11,2015 12:17 pm! it a rip off?

  3. Reply YouLookLIkeANoob Jan 11,2015 1:56 pm

    rip off of what ? freshon it’s a tv tracker,this it’s a video tracker movies and tv based on gazelle.

  4. Reply ReVoLuTioN Jan 24,2015 8:02 pm

    This is a project of project Gazelle Form which is and this new site has just started . if you make an account i guarantee you you wont regret.

  5. Reply itsme Feb 23,2015 4:00 pm

    Great up and coming tracker. Definately reccomend. I’ve been there for a few weeks

  6. Reply DaSeeder Feb 26,2015 8:52 am

    Anything to see there? I’m on Freshon and SCC already.

  7. Reply itsme Mar 2,2015 12:16 am

    closed for 2015

  8. Reply zyocuh Jul 2,2015 2:52 pm

    Awesome Site Tons of torrents

  9. Reply hoos Jul 2,2015 5:25 pm

    Excellent tracker. Get on it.

  10. Reply Anonymous Jul 2,2015 11:09 pm

    Love this tracker

  11. Reply LORCA Jul 3,2015 2:52 am

    Good one, i like the speeds outthere but pretime not that much

  12. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2015 9:59 am

    Last time for open registration get in before DEC 31 or you’ll regret it

  13. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2015 10:08 am

    seems you can’t register on there site.

  14. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2015 11:23 am

    invites are via IRC

    This is a very good ratio-less tv tracker with huge potential, get in while you can.

  15. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2015 1:27 pm

    agree! great site!

  16. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2015 5:13 pm

    Is anyone else not able to enter the chat forum?

  17. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2015 5:44 pm

    got into the chat but been sitting for 3 hours no reply. cant type or talk to anyone says sit there and wait for someone. so ya great way for me to spend my time trying to get an inv. #gayness

  18. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2015 5:50 pm

    do you really expect staff from private trackers to be around and serve you 24 hours a day? #patience?

  19. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2015 5:53 pm

    nah fuck that, private trackers don’t need users like you, its for the best you did not get an interview, go fuck off to public.

  20. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2015 6:50 pm

    ^^^ must be mods /owner , he may be right if you are on here and not their. also 3 hours is a pretty long time to watch if someone “may” type to u lol

  21. Reply Anonymous Dec 29,2015 1:24 am

    Is their content in archives (.rar/r00)?

  22. Reply Lee1001 Dec 29,2015 9:51 pm

    a very poor site

  23. Reply Anonymous Dec 29,2015 10:24 pm

    Waited on IRC for about 15 mins. Got told to PM a mod. Filled out the interview questions on the pastelink, provided an email address, and I’m in. Site looks good. Worth the effort.

  24. Reply Anonymous Dec 31,2015 10:36 pm

    Sat around for minutes without a PM, oh well. i guess some got lucky and some didn’t. Until next time

  25. Reply Anonymous Jan 2,2016 6:27 pm


    I disagree.If your not in BTN, then this(MTV) is one of the better alternatives.

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