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  1. Reply Anonymous Apr 10,2020 12:38 pm

    The management of the Monkey Parade has decided to eliminate the possibility of free registration.
    To support the changes and improvements planned on the site, we will introduce registration by sending an SMS, for which you need to know the following:
    You will need a registration code called ” mr reg ” (without quotes) You can do so by sending it to 06-90-888-350 . The gross fee of the SMS is HUF 1016 .
    Don’t forget the spaces between the words “mr” and “reg”!
    SMS registration is only possible from a Hungarian phone number.
    All points of the rules of the site apply to you. We take compliance with the rules just as strictly for everyone, if you break them we can ban you from the site!
    SMS registration does not bring any benefits to the site, you will become a member of the community, the ranks and opportunities apply to you according to the rules.
    Failure to read the rules will not exempt you from non-compliance!
    When using the registration code you received, enter a real e-mail address, without a confirmation e-mail your registration will not be valid.

    If you have any questions, complaints, requests for help, comments or registration from abroad, you can contact us at

    Only way to register is sending an sms, it charges 3 euros more ore less.

    Clever, but not so clever…

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