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  1. Reply Anonymous Nov 22,2019 4:46 pm

    what an interesting tacker super niche

  2. Reply Anonymous Nov 22,2019 7:10 pm

    Tried to fill out the membership application; it failed and said you have to be a member to do that. :( Looks like a super cool niche site. It says it has 129 torrents. I hope that’s not the complete site. I have more than 1,400 videos on magic and more than 2,000 ebooks on magic already. Not to mention occult and mentalism materials.

  3. Reply Anonymous Nov 23,2019 2:33 am

    I had the nickname mo2azn in IRC for the interview and what happened is not completely clear to me whether I was accepted or not

  4. Reply Anonymous Nov 23,2019 3:31 am

    Drones are trying for an interview because if you are not a magician or whatever, you have to be accepted but no matter what you have to share

  5. Reply Anonymous Nov 23,2019 3:23 pm

    There is content that is not listed in the stats as well, most of the rare stuff is uploaded seperate from the main list.

    Torrent count is steadily growing, and every torrent on the site is well seeded. If you want to get in on the ground level of a great magic site, this is your chance!

  6. Reply Anonymous Nov 23,2019 4:05 pm

    Is it me or am i unable to send messages on the chat?

  7. Reply Beth Nov 23,2019 6:53 pm

    Woah, this tracker seems really unique an totally interesting. I wish I could join :) but I feel like I’m not supposed to be there. What kind of user are they looking for? I’m not a magician. Just interested and a good seeder.

  8. Reply Anonymous Nov 23,2019 8:55 pm

    IDE is an awesome Magic E-learning tracker, I recently joined that site, they are professional magicians community, IDE was earlier a site for it’s encodes recently they changed to became Magic only tracker, the content is increasing day by day, This is an awesome Magic E-learning tracker with categories such as Card Tricks, Coin Tricks, XCM, Levitation, Mentalism, Illusion, Bizarre, Hypnosis, etc
    with awesome torrents, they also have DDL content ( Direct Download Links ) accessible by a certain user class which is achieved by the contributions they made in community and tracker,IDE has overall great, helpful community. IDE staff have spent to make the tracker what it is today, so they don’t invite everyone. you must have to proven to be a magician with a good history in BitTorrent.
    This is not a collectors tracker and if you are not interested in magic learning then leave it.
    If you are an experienced magician and serious about learning magic, improving yourself, contributing your content with the community and want to help others too, then you can consider joining IDE.
    IDE is a paradise for magicians, awesome magicians community and a magic tracker.

  9. Reply Anonymous Nov 25,2019 1:26 pm

    Card Tricks, Coin Tricks, XCM, Levitation, Mentalism, Illusion, Bizarre, Hypnosis.

  10. Reply Anonymous Nov 27,2019 12:48 am

    what a cool site – very niche! i love it, I wont be signing up as I’m not a magician, but it’s still a great idea.

  11. Reply Anonymous Dec 1,2019 12:24 am

    wasted an hour of my time and said Come back when you are good at magic. And I only missed 1 of their magic questions. So sad. They should just charge a membership fee and let us join at least. If I’m that good at magic, why should I torrent pro courses without purchasing them.

    • Reply Ronny Dec 1,2019 7:34 am

      Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a strict selection. Those are the best trackers and the ones with the best community. But one may want to register to this tracker specifically to learn. I hope they are going to open to more users as soon as it becomes a more important tracker.

      What a waste.

      I mean, MaM doesn’t ask you how many books do you read and to prove you are a bookworm. And still, it is one of the best trackers around.

      • Reply Anonymous Dec 1,2019 9:38 pm

        Magic is a bit different than books. We’re trying to ensure that our member base consists of people who have the skills to use the information onsite, rather than people who just want to collect magic material.

  12. Reply Anonymous Dec 21,2019 5:49 pm

    There are currently around 400 torrents, great site and friendly staff!! The site blew up so quickly, surely they will reach number 1 very soon!.

  13. Reply Anonymous Dec 21,2019 8:46 pm

    Now you really “do not exist” as it is down…

  14. Reply Anonymous Jan 2,2020 9:41 pm

    Site was down for some hours due to maintanence, it is live again

  15. Reply Anonymous Jan 31,2020 8:34 am

    Not worth the 2 hour long interview for bunk outdated material. Just use public trackers, they have more and better material.

  16. Reply Anonymous Feb 6,2020 2:16 pm

    the admins on irc are absolute morons. I’ll stick with the other magic trackers and/or trade for accounts later.

  17. Reply Anonymous Feb 27,2020 6:49 am

    IDE is a good private trackers for those who are interested in magic, i recently joined the site, staff members are friendly, forums are active, overall a good site.

  18. Reply IDE Admin Apr 2,2020 12:04 pm

    IDE IRC NETWORK CHANGED | New Details -> Server : || Port – 6667 ( non-SSL) | 6697 / 7000 (SSL) || Channel #ide-interviews

  19. Reply Anonymous Oct 18,2020 7:15 am

    It is more than 4000 torrents now …very good site to learn magic.

  20. Reply Anonymous Nov 20,2022 6:54 pm

    Just Became a Member . . . and the Site just Closes Down – Just Like that! Got my required uploads and required messages – and Downloaded 1 PDF Book – All that work, and they just shut down? Any other Magic Trackers similar to this out there? Thanks.??????

  21. Reply Anonymous Nov 20,2022 6:55 pm

    ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

    Here is the message got at the Site Today . . .

    ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

    Magic Club of IDE
    sadly more then 80% users of IDE have moved to that copy of IDE which was stolen and put online without consent/permission or anything by BUG (use to help with server and had access) and partner in crime Merula(admin).

  22. Reply Anonymous Dec 8,2022 6:36 am

    Magic Club of IDE
    sadly more then 80% users of IDE have moved to that copy of IDE which was stolen and put online without consent/permission or anything by BUG (use to help with server and had access) and partner in crime Merula(admin).

    Anybody have a Link to the “copy of IDE” mentioned?

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