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HDArea (HDA)


HDArea (HDA) is a CHINESE Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES / TV

HDArea is the internal tracker for multiple release groups

This signup has closed!





This signup has closed!

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  1. Reply Jonnes Jul 13,2015 9:18 pm

    HDArea is a famous tracker in China

  2. Reply Anonymous Jul 13,2015 11:12 pm

    Really? I didn’t see any stats here.
    Is it really famous??

  3. Reply Tatutu Jul 14,2015 2:37 am

    Thank you very much !!!

  4. Reply Anonymous Jul 16,2015 5:49 pm

    looking good 4 CHINESE tracker remind me of chdbits the great china tracker

  5. Reply Anonymous Sep 1,2015 6:00 am

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Reply Anonymous Sep 1,2015 6:19 am

    Very nice tracker, it’s pretty worth registering. Supposing with elegant layout and lots of tweaks than ever and good up-to-date contents, moreover, no assessment for now.

  7. Reply Anonymous Dec 23,2015 6:12 pm

    too much chinese trackers, hope it worth

  8. Reply Anonymous Dec 25,2015 11:44 am

    Can’t receive the confirmation email from gmail or hotmail. Is there any way i can contact them about it?

  9. Reply Anonymous Dec 30,2015 9:37 am

    403 Forbidden

  10. Reply Anonymous Feb 7,2016 4:01 pm

    Fuck them and their assesments.

    • Reply Anonymous Feb 8,2016 2:52 am

      I you can’t fucking pass those assessments you’re not worthy of joining anyways.

    • Reply Anonymous Feb 8,2016 5:10 am

      as another anonymous stated. U´re focking useless piece of crap if u can´t meet requirements for assessment and not worth to be member – get fockin´ lost kiddo – go play in sandpit u whinning biatch :D

    • Reply Anonymous May 18,2016 6:51 pm

      Yeah, just shut the fock up and piss off

  11. Reply Anonymous Feb 8,2016 3:14 am

    Quality seems to be low there compared to the size of releases.

    • Reply Anonymous Feb 8,2016 5:12 am

      sorry but i´d say u know nothing about HD. U meant quality of full Blurays? Or Remuxes? And what has tracker to do with it? And EPiC isn´t as bad. I´d say higher medium quality. Bigger size might be caused by lossless audio, u see?
      This isn´t HD-Torrents where u have to encode with lossy audio.

  12. Reply SaQ Feb 8,2016 3:22 am

    joined, nice tracker with quality releases

  13. Reply TAmere Feb 8,2016 5:16 am

    Pretty good website , I already uploaded 150 go , assessment seems pretty easy to do too..

  14. Reply Anonymous May 18,2016 1:22 pm

    Joined, looks like a good movie tracker, every rls is free leech or 30% or 50% or 2x upload it seems. Very legit HD movie tracker it seems.

  15. Reply Anonymous May 18,2016 3:57 pm

    i joined .. completed a “newbie task” and got a msg about me not using the proper client, or something to do with https and http? idk it didnt translate well ..yet im using seedbox client that ive used for all my trackers and never had a problem

    • Reply Anonymous May 18,2016 10:55 pm

      ok, joind, task is easy enough.
      GrEEEEEAAAAt tracker, i like it sooooooooooooo much!
      Thanks for info!

  16. Reply Anonymous May 18,2016 11:00 pm

    And some words about assessment. i choose type1 task and pressed CANCEL, but wtf it applied, but not canceled, or i am an idiot, so no way back, so be carefull.

  17. Reply Anonymous May 18,2016 11:39 pm

    If you are into remux/bluray/1080p/720p private encodes then sign up here. All torrents are free leech when they are new, and they have a good selection. The internal groups seem good, although I’ve only watched one on my tv so far.

  18. Reply Anonymous May 19,2016 7:29 am

    If you are into older movies forget this place, got almost nothing before 1997

  19. Reply h3X0r1911 May 19,2016 3:31 pm

    I just checked that tracker. Good tracker for Chinese users. The only gems which I found there, were some very nice, complete DTS demo discs and just a couple of hd music releases. Speeds and seeders are not so good in there. Not for me after all, next one please.

  20. Reply Anonymous Sep 15,2016 12:18 pm

    It’s a great tracker!

  21. Reply Anonymous Sep 15,2016 3:38 pm

    oh no confirmation email received

  22. Reply Anonymous Sep 16,2016 7:01 am

    Before the account is gone

  23. Reply Anonymous Sep 16,2016 8:22 pm

    HDArea: Made in China. :)

  24. Reply Anonymous Sep 18,2016 2:56 pm

    retention beyond current releases is very low, slow uploads on older stuff if it is seeded

    freeleech doesn’t seem to count on download count for assessment

  25. Reply Anonymous Sep 26,2016 10:36 pm

    plz sir open free register i think this great site of alll web sites plz open sir i m requsting u

  26. Reply Anonymous Nov 18,2016 8:39 pm

    This is one of the most difficult announcements, we’ve ever had to write. Many time in life, we have to face the situation of saying goodbye. But we wanted you all to know the tracker will be shutting down end of this month. It has been a great privilege to share the most reliable content to you all in the past of 2 years. Thanks to all the HDArea crew who make contribution to this tracker without you all we couldn’t make came to this far.
    so long, my frinends.
    ——- HDArea staff ——-

  27. Reply Anonymous Dec 8,2016 9:33 pm


    Thank you for many years of support…

  28. Reply Anonymous Nov 8,2018 9:00 am

    is back!

  29. Reply Anonymous Nov 9,2018 10:36 am

    Open For Signup

  30. Reply Anonymous Nov 11,2018 9:56 am

    Good to see them back!

  31. Reply Anonymous Nov 11,2018 10:19 am

    Good to see HDArea back again

  32. Reply Anonymous Nov 11,2018 10:33 am

    Great tracker, it really is!

  33. Reply Anonymous Nov 11,2018 3:31 pm

    Finally! Happy to see HDArea back, again!

  34. Reply Anonymous Nov 12,2018 10:07 pm

    Is closed now ,

  35. Reply HDArea - Hello Nov 15,2018 2:00 pm

    Hi staff this tracker now is only new content since november 2018 or also you have include backup from HDArea contents old.?

    Please open door again to join me because i recently see it. :(

    add your IRC tracker & via to contact staff.

  36. Reply Anonymous Nov 24,2018 11:49 pm


  37. Reply Anonymous Nov 25,2018 3:38 pm

    Viewing this post I found out now that the site has returned to work.
    I thought he was dead. Thankfully I had the account saved on my browser.

  38. Reply Anonymous Dec 17,2018 5:39 pm

    Free to Signup until 2018-12-31

  39. Reply Sinn Dec 19,2018 7:38 am

    But it says no more sign ups to this IP O_O

  40. Reply Anonymous Dec 20,2018 2:20 am

    China Tracker says it all WALK AWAY

  41. Reply Anonymous Dec 20,2018 2:38 am

    Can’t receive the confirmation email from gmail or hotmail. Is there any way i can contact them about it?

  42. Reply Anonymous Dec 20,2018 6:31 am

    me too

  43. Reply Anonymous Dec 23,2018 9:42 am

    no confirmation email

    this site sucks

  44. Reply Anonymous Dec 26,2018 4:50 am

    me too. Don’t use gmail to register.

  45. Reply keithcq71 Dec 26,2018 5:02 am

    No confirmation email sent . Tried gmail and Yahoo

  46. Reply Anonymous Jan 4,2019 3:40 pm

    can i use my old account? i have email but not pass need to reset, please help

  47. Reply Cobeldarou Jun 18,2019 2:55 am

    send an email

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