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GiroTorrent is Open for Signup!


GiroTorrent is an ITALIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL




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  1. Reply Anonymous Nov 26,2016 1:47 pm

    Too late !

  2. Reply Anonymous Nov 26,2016 2:23 pm

    Uhm, signups are closed….

  3. Reply Pissed off Jan 17,2017 11:16 am

    Announce of limited open signups in “” 18:09 GMT

    At 19:05 GMT signups are closed

    Are you sure there was even a limited signup ?!

  4. Reply Anonymous Jan 17,2017 4:34 pm

    Sorry, but registrations are closed.
    You need an invitation in order to signup.

  5. Reply Longbottom Jan 17,2017 10:40 pm


    Sorry, but registrations are closed.
    You need an invitation in order to signup.

  6. Reply Anonymous Jan 18,2017 12:03 pm

    This was not open today.

  7. Reply Anonymous Jan 19,2017 1:16 am


  8. Reply Anonymous Jan 25,2017 12:38 pm

    italian … tracker …. torrents …. :))))))))

  9. Reply roberta Feb 13,2017 2:42 pm

    chi vuol entrare me lo faccia sapere

  10. Reply Anonymous Oct 24,2017 9:50 am

    iooo vorrei entrare
    come si deve fare????

  11. Reply roberta Sep 21,2018 7:30 am


  12. Reply Anonymous Dec 31,2019 1:46 am

    GiroTorrent < GinoPizza

  13. Reply Roberta Jan 1,2020 11:02 am

    Benvenuti.a Tutti con calma vi valiadiamo tutti buon anno

  14. Reply Anonymous Jan 3,2020 10:29 pm

    It seems that I’m in, but didn’t get the activation mail, so I can’t do anything (checked the spam folder).

  15. Reply Serj90 Jan 6,2020 1:10 am

    Non ricevo l’email di attivazione. Anche provando a reimpostare la password non ricevo l’email per reimpostarla.

  16. Reply Anonymous May 29,2020 11:39 pm

    Singup Open

  17. Reply Anonymous Aug 18,2021 2:58 am

    vorrei rientrare grazie

  18. Reply Anonymous Aug 28,2021 1:04 am

    vorrei entrare

  19. Reply Anonymous Jul 9,2023 6:34 am

    GiroTorrent a chiuso oggi per mancanza di Fondi

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