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Ebooks-Heaven has Shut Down


Ebooks-Heaven was a Private Torrent Tracker for EBOOKS / AUDIOBOOKS

This Private Tracker has shut down!

An Official Message from the Staff @ Ebooks-Heaven

Unfortunately ebooks-heaven is closing due to lack of funds and donations.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last few years

I can no longer afford to pay the site fees out of my own pocket.

Check on the status of its domain
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  1. Reply Chumlee Apr 3,2013 1:14 am

    This is a great site for ebooks and audio books. It now has 10,000 members and 11,000 torrents. Well worth a visit.

  2. Reply Mystory Sep 12,2013 2:01 am

    Ebooks-heaven now has a theme with larger fonts throughout making it much easier to read. This is the GreyBlack theme.

  3. Reply Muad'Dib Sep 16,2013 8:26 pm

    Ebook heaven just locked my account in month 4. My Downloads had been well-seeded. Had bonuses. But I did not buy a VIP account.

    Most of the good books are VIP account. Pay account only.

  4. Reply mystory Sep 26,2013 6:54 am

    That is not true, there is no requirement to donate it is entirely voluntary and only hit and runs have their accounts blocked

  5. Reply mystory Sep 26,2013 6:55 am

    Registration for will be invites only from 1st October 2013.

  6. Reply Ben Toner Sep 26,2013 7:31 pm

    A) Is all the best stuff VIP only?

    B) How well stocked is the Comics section?

    • Reply Ben Toner Sep 26,2013 7:33 pm

      Better to ask, what determines if an item is VIP only.

      • Reply Staff Jul 3,2014 8:06 pm

        Only new Content and Erotica go into VIP. Every day tons of torrents are moved from VIP to Regular Torrents for Members. Although our comic selection is not massive compared to comic dedicated trackers our staff have a huge array of resources and fill requests very quickly for anything you might be after.

  7. Reply asur Sep 26,2013 11:27 pm

    You will get the account disable if you do not buy a VIP from them. Good E-books and audio e-books are in the VIP section. The other books you can download them from the public trackers or form other free ebook sites…

  8. Reply Anonymous Sep 30,2013 9:05 am

    that is rubbish, there are thousands of members on here who are not VIP

  9. Reply Anonymous Jan 23,2014 11:32 am

    Wow, thanks bro. you make my day!!

  10. Reply Anonymous Feb 18,2014 1:40 pm

    Have been a member there for over a year and all this BS of ban if not a donor is shite, good tracker for books and a decent community. I would highly reccomend it if they open the doors again.

  11. Reply Anonymous May 23,2014 2:17 pm open signup!

  12. Reply Anonymous May 27,2014 11:36 am

    This tracker is nothing special. If you don’t donate you can’t get access to the best and latest books. Nothing much to talk about. They banned my friend for invite trading and the forum he posted on doesn’t even allow trading of invites. He was just trying to give the site some promo.

    I’m a member still but barely go anymore. Don’t waste your time here if you are looking for the latest stuff unless you are going willing to pay and if that’s the case just buy the damn book. MyA is a way better tracker with a lot better content IMHO.

    • Reply Staff Jul 3,2014 8:02 pm

      Yes most fresh new releases do go into a VIP Section. Every day torrents are moved out of VIP into Regular Torrents for Members. We have members and staff that strive very hard to bring you as many new releases every Tuesday as soon as books are released and have a lot of original content other trackers may not have. Our staff also fill requests as quickly as they can and although the predominance of books onsite are Ebooks novels we have high library’s of elearning and tech books that can be uploaded on the fly as requested.

      As well to your comment about just buying the damn book, one small VIP donations which lasts weeks could cost less then a single book in the VIP section giving you access to all VIP sections.

  13. Reply Staff Jul 3,2014 7:28 pm

    The Site is Open Sign-Up For limited time, Get in now!! Mention OT-EBH in shout for free bonus points!!!!

    • Reply CactusJack5150 Jul 6,2014 11:57 am

      Is this still open today? I am trying to sign up but the submit button will not work. Does this means it is closed?

      • Reply EBH Staff Jul 6,2014 11:58 am

        Sign ups are still open. Try clearing your browsers cache and cookies or try another browsers. Many members joining as we speak without any issue.

  14. Reply EBH Staff Jul 7,2014 1:13 pm

    If anyone tried to register this morning the site was down for a bit due to server errors but everything is back up and running, business as usual folks!

  15. Reply I Read Alot Jul 31,2014 9:27 pm

    Guessing it’s closed now ? Tried but it keeps asking for an invite code & wont allow me to go further, cant see any invite code mentioned on here…

  16. Reply Need membership Aug 11,2014 8:30 am

    Registration opening any time soon?

  17. Reply Anonymous Aug 13,2014 10:59 am

    And its closed again. Seems to be hit or miss, and I don’t follow so closely to hit. Fuck it, I’ll find somewhere else.


  18. Reply EBH Staff Aug 19,2014 11:58 pm

    Registration Closed Indefinitely!

  19. Reply Warner Sep 4,2014 7:11 am

    Reopen for 5 minutes :(

  20. Reply KH Sep 12,2014 4:19 pm

    Any alternative good trackers for ebooks?

  21. Reply Anonymous Oct 1,2014 6:14 am

    registration is now open

  22. Reply Anonymous Oct 7,2014 8:46 pm

    This is what companies have a problem with – you are charging people for content that does not belong to you.


  23. Reply Anonymous Oct 17,2014 7:56 pm

    well, they are not exactly selling the books but the service they provide

  24. Reply Anonymous Oct 25,2014 2:33 am

    Pretty poor selection even including the “VIP” selection for the areas I was interested in (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Science, etc), most torrents only have one or two seeds. Many of the eBooks looked like the Kindle bargain basement selection. Meh.

  25. Reply Anonymous Oct 30,2014 2:06 am

    Great site. Friendly staff, lots of content that is in my genre. Not to keen on the VIP to get the best books. But I understand why they do it.
    Like all sites in order to provide a platform for the content. They need funds to pay for it.
    Sadly out of all the members they have 90% are freeloaders.

  26. Reply raykoko Nov 11,2014 4:53 am

    is there a problem with the site. i cannot get on?

  27. Reply XXXX Jan 9,2015 5:22 am


    I was banned and do you know what is the reason?

    the answer is: over 1 terabyte upload, over 300 000 bonus point, ratio around 1.7000

    so be careful if you are downloading a lot You will be banned

  28. Reply Newbie Feb 6,2015 3:48 pm

    When is registration opening again?

  29. Reply Newbie Feb 6,2015 3:49 pm

    Where do I get an invite code from?

  30. Reply Anonymous Mar 12,2015 5:24 am

    F*** this site. Why can’t a torrent tracker find a better secret question than “what is your mother’s maiden name”?

  31. Reply Anonymous Mar 15,2015 2:16 pm

    I was a member of this site for quite awhile but had become more an more discontent with the way they handle torrents. Most new releases are VIP only which can only be accomplished by donating. I stopped uploading but would still seed and visit the site regularly. My account was then banned for selling invites. Which I find insane since an invite to this tracker is worthless as far as monetary value goes. I did use to give invites away on other private trackers that allow you to do so. I even would give members bonus points to get them started.I had even asked some of the staff before I started giving the invites away and was told it was fine as long as I was not selling them. I don’t think this is a fair way to treat people who supported and promoted a site. I even contacted them to have them explain who I supposedly sold the invites to and on what site. I’ve come to the conclusion that is not why they banned my account at all. I think it was because I was no longer uploading and did not purchase VIP. No response. MyA and Bib or even RNS are way better alternatives.

  32. Reply Anonymous Mar 17,2015 1:00 am

    Try reading the rules perhaps then you might see that what you were doing was prohibited.

  33. Reply EBH Staff Mar 25,2015 6:57 pm

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the site has open registration. We have the latest releases, We have nonfiction, Bio, History, cookbooks and many other categories on the site. Something for everyone. There is new release Tuesday. For a small donation (less than the cost of most books) you can get VIP for a few weeks. Stop on by and check it out. The staff is more than willing and happy to help with any questions.

  34. Reply Anonymous Apr 1,2015 12:38 am

    got banend because invite people form tracker forum

  35. Reply Anonymous May 23,2015 6:03 pm

    I just started to use the account I signed up for after two months. I was on a book bender and was downloading like crazy….grab or lose. My ratio was fine Thursday when I did my mega download, but when I checked last night my ratio was something like 61 down and 52 up, so my downloading was suspended and I had 7 days to get my ratio up. I decided to just pay the monthly fee so I didn’t have to worry. I paid and over an hour later my account was still suspended so I sent them email asking why my account was still suspended after I paid and I also explained:

    -my wonky tablet frozed and I had to uninstall my torrent apps along with some other which if course killed my seeding so I down loaded files again to seed.

    – I also explained in two years on another site I downed 80gbs BUT upped

    Today I go back on the site anime unprofessional juvenile couch banned my account with no explanation. I sent them an email but oif course I don’t expect an answer from such as those.

    Before someone tells me about raiding their files for other sites…I wouldn’t have waited two months before downloading and I wouldn’t have drawn attention to myself. Liked the layout of the site, but there are about 8 different sites I get zip files from whose members will re-up dead files in a jiffy that is hassle free with no ratios and bullcrap. I also I tons of my own downloads that I was prepared to share that I didn’t see on their site. Nice site, crappy juvenile mods.

    One of my sites asked for a donation…I told them I’d do a $50 in two weeks…they made me a VIP based on that alone. I paid these joker, got nothing and was banned for asking what’s up?

  36. Reply Anonymous May 23,2015 6:07 pm

    I meant an unprofessional douche banned me…not a couch.Those other forums have more than ebooks, but I’m a site junkies that gads abo

  37. Reply Anonymous May 23,2015 6:24 pm

    Just go clarify the site never asked for a $50 donation, that was my idea of a thank you for all the great free ebooks a book junkie like me gets from there. The site has TONs of free new releases music, movies, apps that’s available to all the members, several are no membership required. FYI, some files are on premium or time restrictive accounts, so just finder a premium leecher site that will let you download those times for free with no time restrictions.

    Any boo head that is still downloading shows and movies….there are streaming sites for that, all you have to do is google ” watch——- free online” I’ve watched movies a month before US release sometimes and the sane day in theaters…..the aAvengers was great, now I go see it in the theater. BTW, if your site goes down just Google ” sites similar to—–” or “what happened to ——” You’ll get answers right away.

  38. Reply Anonymous May 24,2015 1:04 pm

    Looked at my PayPal regarding the refund of fee when I was banned for asking why account was still frozen after my payment and say the message with the refund. This is indicative of the unprofessionalism, pettiness and immaturity of the site owner:

    ebook heaven
    “Sorry I could not be at my computer 24/7 to unfreeze your account but the real world tends to take up some of my time. I am refunding your donation”

  39. Reply Anonymous Jun 30,2015 2:00 am

    Never saw such a tracker!!!
    Run away! Torrents world is about sharing, generosity and good spirit. Here, you have to pay, to pay and to pay. You want to access to all torrents? You have to pay… No way… I am a usual donor but always BECAUSE I WANT, I’ll never give BECAUSE I HAVE TO! Pfff… So stupid …

  40. Reply 03.07.2015 Jul 3,2015 12:57 pm


    Be careful with this tracker!!! because requested to you to login with your real IP!!!!
    I did not agree to give them a real IP and because that I got bann,I explained that I do not want them to collect my IP data and after a few seconds without any explanation I got bann…

    Also If you download a lot free book admin asking you to pay donation, If you do not want pay you will get bann…

    This Ebooks-Heaven admin is greedy and only had this tracker for a BIG profit, and to collect your IP for some purposes…


    As an alternative to recommend other tracker where you can download without anyone to ask you for money…
    On this page click on “Tracker list” and you will find at the bottom of the web page tracker for book

  41. Reply Anonymous Aug 5,2015 2:28 pm

    Quite poor tracker. All good stuff is locked away, only way to access is buy vip.
    They say you have to give ip or you get ban and new member only allowed to download 10 a day or you get ban.
    They like to ban. Very bad. I agree MyA and RNS or even p2p are much better.

  42. Reply Anonymous Sep 11,2015 1:41 pm

    The dissenters are correct. The place is run by a power mad nutter. There are psychotic flare ups where good seeders are banned on a whim, citing trumped up violations, and insulted to boot. Other trackers have better book selections. This one is all about the power and the money. Scary. Stay away.

  43. Reply Anonymous Sep 24,2015 10:50 pm

    what other sites would you recommend?

  44. Reply Anonymous Sep 27,2015 6:18 pm

    Invitation is required

  45. Reply Anonymous Oct 15,2015 8:09 pm

    Go to MyA or ElB

  46. Reply Anonymous Oct 16,2015 8:50 am

    Go to RNS MUCH better …

  47. Reply Anonymous Oct 16,2015 8:51 am

    Guy running this place is a megalomaniac nut

  48. Reply Anonymous Oct 16,2015 11:00 am

    The worst tracker i ever seen. I already saw bad trackers, no content, no members, no interest… This one is the worst !!! This tracker is made just for money money and money against. Disgusting. Go away, this tracker should be closed !!! DON’T GO THERE

  49. Reply Anonymous Oct 16,2015 3:49 pm

    Thanksss!! Very good this tracker <3

  50. Reply Anonymous Oct 27,2015 11:44 am

    Considering this is JUST news and only known to a handful of people its not hard to guess just who posted the above…

    Vidictiveness and jealousy are a terrible thing.

  51. Reply Anonymous Nov 3,2015 12:07 am

    alot thats commenting on this post are from another torrent site which are very jelous very childish if you ask me, this is the torrent world and should be sticking by each other like it used to be years ago ,not ddossing and grassing on paypal childish crap seriously its not a compertition on whos site is best and whats what both sites are same your both need to stop or before long you will find you wont have a site no more cos if f.a.c.t. mpaa get there way or see site wars then you will not be about long ,stop acting like 4 year olds get on with your own site and leave each other alone to do what you do cos manay of sites are going down as it is

  52. Reply Anonymous Nov 3,2015 12:14 am

    Ebooks-Heaven if you message the admin here he will be able to remove your site from here ,then they wont be able to comment

  53. Reply Anonymous Nov 3,2015 4:35 am

    EBH have quite catagorically stated that the current problems regarding paypal or dos attacks have Nothing what so ever to do with another site. Please refrain from posting comments when you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

    Thank You.

  54. Reply Anonymous Nov 3,2015 1:24 pm

    true they have been open about it theres a post in there forum.

    atacking each other and accusing other sites is dumb live and let live

    make your own mind up.

  55. Reply Anonymous Nov 4,2015 9:50 am

    what a load of crap being talked in here. A lot of banned people trying to get their own back

  56. Reply A Nonny Mouse Dec 14,2015 4:49 pm

    This message was just sent out to members today (14 December 2015):

    I can not continue to pay site fees every month out of my own pocket and so the site will close before Christmas.

  57. Reply Anonymous Dec 16,2015 7:21 pm

    Glad they are gone, ebooks-heaven was only in it for the money

  58. Reply Anonymous Dec 17,2015 4:46 pm

    The owner paid all the site fees for the last two months out of his own pocket with no donations at all. And for most months he paid a LARGE percentage of it. He provided the site for everybody and made no profit at all so your nasty remarks don`t mean shit.

    Plenty of people joined this site , took away thousands of books and never donated once. the sense of entitlement of people like you with the attitude that you shouldn`t have to contribute in any way, makes me want to vomit.

    • Reply MB Dec 18,2015 12:21 am

      Well said. People are always quick to judge.
      Sorry to hear the site had to close. It will be missed by many. Would have been nice if those who say they will miss it had donated before this was necessary though.
      So much hard work and good content lost due to people like the above who think sites are only in it for the money because my word they dare ask for help.
      The cost of a coffee, a pizza, a MD breakfast, which you wouldnt think twice of paying, is all it takes people. Stop being so selfish and give a little back then these things wont keep happening.
      If its a site you use a lot, then support it! Donate before the same happens to it.

      RIP EBH another good site lost to us all.

  59. Reply Anonymous Dec 20,2015 1:19 am

    It’s sad they’re gone, RIP EBH. You’re missed today. Those vile comments are uncalled for.

  60. Reply catzr4u2 Dec 23,2015 7:49 pm

    I was a member since the beginning and I loved the site. I made a donation every month and it was well worth it. I am heartbroken to lose E.B.H. Please try to come back.

  61. Reply Anonymous Jan 5,2016 11:09 am

    Good riddance! Cranky owner not appreciative of my thousands of uploads and use of my seedbox. While I doubt he was packing away all the cash he did nothing to make it an environment where people would want to donate; quite to the contrary!

  62. Reply Anonymous Jan 15,2016 11:10 am

    I was a member since the beginning and I loved the site. I made a donation every month and it was well worth it. I am heartbroken to lose E.B.H. Please try to come back.

    Yet someone apparently in the know says:

    The owner paid all the site fees for the last two months out of his own pocket with no donations at all.

    Really? No donations at all? Way to go throwing your paying members under the bus. I suspect this kind of thing is really why you’re gone now.

  63. Reply catzr4u2 Jan 17,2016 8:50 pm

    The staff were great and was all ways very helpful. No I was not thrown under a bus. It takes more than one donation a month to keep the site open. There were more non paying donations and that was what thew the paying members under the bus.

  64. Reply Anonymous May 27,2016 8:11 am

    Good riddance! Mystory had a major Napoleonic complex!

  65. Reply Anonymous Jun 30,2020 5:20 pm

    I wonder if someone were to fund these things who would they talk to about getting this back up?

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