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Docspedia has Shut Down


Docspedia was a Private Torrent Tracker for E-LEARNING

Docspedia was the sister-site of Tv TORRENTs ro

This Private Tracker has shut down!

Check on the status of its domain
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  1. Reply Anonymous Apr 14,2013 6:07 am

    Very good e-learning tracker but unfortunatly uses flash as there default page browse.

  2. Reply Anonymous Apr 27,2013 8:24 am

    it is closed

  3. Reply Anonymous May 23,2013 12:32 am

    it is not closed, i registered now, and working. Thanks !!

  4. Reply Anonymous Jul 8,2013 8:16 pm

    still open

  5. Reply Anonymous Mar 5,2014 12:05 am

    It’s closed again. Pls update admin

    Feedback for DocsPedia:

    One of the best e-learning torrent sites!

  6. Reply Anonymous May 29,2014 7:36 am

    It’s open now

  7. Reply Anonymous May 31,2014 10:29 am

    very good tracker with lots of free seed weekends

  8. Reply woodman Aug 20,2014 9:09 am

    What’s wrong with thie site?

    It seems like dead。。。

  9. Reply Anonymous Aug 22,2014 11:03 am

    What’s wrong with thie site?

    It seems like dead。。。

  10. Reply Anonymous Aug 23,2014 6:09 am

    It’s a great site, I hope they are just resolving some sort of issue and return.

  11. Reply woodman Aug 24,2014 5:59 pm

    What’s wrong with this site?

    I like it very much!

  12. Reply Anonymous Aug 25,2014 1:23 am

    been down for a few days now this is an amazing tracker been here for awhile now i hope they are just resolving a few issues and will be back up soon

  13. Reply Anonymous Aug 25,2014 5:10 am

    I’m starting to miss this tracker , I’ve uploaded more than 100 GB of stuff on Docspedia and Now Its Down for a while now..:(:(:(

  14. Reply woodman Aug 25,2014 10:22 am

    I’ve uploaded more than 200GB of data!
    Where’s the admininstrator of the site?!

  15. Reply Anonymous Aug 26,2014 12:19 pm

    Still down…”This webpage is not available”

  16. Reply Anonymous Aug 26,2014 9:45 pm

    If they never return we’re screwed O.o

  17. Reply Anonymous Aug 26,2014 9:59 pm


  18. Reply Anonymous Aug 27,2014 7:10 am

    That’s only for IT.
    What about Medicine ?

  19. Reply Anonymous Aug 29,2014 2:34 am

    is this website down ?????

  20. Reply Anonymous Aug 31,2014 3:31 am

    Free-leech Weekends will be missed :(

  21. Reply Anonymous Aug 31,2014 5:56 am

    also 100 GB :(
    I have tried the irc channel to reach the staff ..there are always 4 or 5 people ..nobody responses :(
    twitter & facebook pages also abandoned ..:(

  22. Reply God Aug 31,2014 2:00 pm

    Is the site permanently dead?

    This is really upsetting, it was such a wonderful tracker ;_;

  23. Reply Anonymous Sep 1,2014 1:19 pm

    Still no news

  24. Reply Anonymous Sep 5,2014 12:14 am

    still down :( im sad

  25. Reply Anonymous Sep 14,2014 4:22 am

    we lost the last place of true free learning

  26. Reply Anonymous Sep 18,2014 10:35 pm

    Farewell, Docspedia, King of e-learning trackers , whose long and faithful membership those who knew you won’t forget!

    Though your IP address will decay, your spirit lingers on in the quiet, web-spun places of the internet.

    May your descendants ever flourish and members find solace for the loss they have sustained.

  27. Reply Anonymous Sep 27,2014 11:28 am

    very sad its down….

  28. Reply Anonymous Sep 30,2014 2:46 am

    When we get it back ?
    It’s too good to be down…

  29. Reply Anonymous Oct 2,2014 8:56 pm

    wtf. why arent there any official announcements about this tracker. pricks for site admins.

  30. Reply sweety Oct 10,2014 9:52 pm

    try best IT tracker

  31. Reply Anonymous Oct 11,2014 5:13 pm


  32. Reply Anonymous Oct 11,2014 5:14 pm

    A 7 Year old will not be treated with cancer because the oncology books were expensive and Docspedia is down..

  33. Reply Vinayak Oct 14,2014 2:07 am

    Have been waiting for this site to be up for long now. This was a great source of books and instructional videos which saved me a couple of times. Hoping to see these guys back very soon.


  34. Reply cppgohan Oct 16,2014 8:06 am

    yes, wait for this site

  35. Reply Anonymous Oct 17,2014 4:25 am

    waiting for you docspedia

  36. Reply docspedia Oct 22,2014 9:01 am

    docspedia is dead ,, no more we need to have a laternate

  37. Reply needdocs Oct 22,2014 1:52 pm

    What`s wrong with docs? :(

  38. Reply sss Nov 4,2014 7:17 am

    the guys behind,, and also from have decided to step up from tracker business and they have shut down their trackers. They have grown up and they have other responsibilities – husbands and fathers stuff :) etc…

  39. Reply docspedia Nov 4,2014 11:52 am

    at least everybody is ok… see you. and thank you.

  40. Reply Anonymous Mar 14,2015 2:10 pm

    so it seems Docspedia is gonna be reopened really soon (source: just wait for it! :)

  41. Reply Anonymous Apr 1,2015 6:55 am

    I hope docspedia comes back soon

  42. Reply Me May 27,2015 7:19 am

    Hope this gonna be back soon!!!Docspedia, one of the best torrent that i know.

  43. Reply Anonymous Nov 8,2015 7:28 am

    Any news on the relaunch date ?

  44. Reply Space man Dec 27,2015 4:52 am

    It has been long time since declaring re-opening & nothing happened . seems it was closed froever

  45. Reply Anonymous Jul 22,2016 3:17 am

    Yes correct, Seems like it down for forever. If any knows about please post here.

  46. Reply Anonymous May 13,2020 1:25 pm

    didn’t find anything else to replace yet

  47. Reply Anonymous Feb 13,2022 3:31 am

    Tracker’s Name: Docspedia
    Genre: E-learning
    Sign-up Link:
    Closing date: N/A
    Review’s Link: UK/Ro
    Registered Users 1,957/15000

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