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Cathode-Ray.Tube (CRT)

Cathode-Ray.Tube (CRT) is a Private Torrent Tracker for CLASSIC MOVIES / TV

This signup has closed!

This signup has closed!

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Official IRC Channel
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  1. Reply Anonymous Aug 28,2021 6:09 pm


  2. Reply Anonymous Aug 30,2021 10:27 am

    Very good site

  3. Reply Anonymous Aug 30,2021 4:39 pm

    How long for the email to come through?

  4. Reply Anonymous Aug 30,2021 5:22 pm

    Must be closed

  5. Reply Muhammad Sajal Aug 31,2021 2:00 am

    Contact me if anyone needs a new account. I have almost 10 plus new account. Contact here:

  6. Reply Anonymous Aug 31,2021 10:57 am

    @Muhammad, for free? Or how much?

  7. Reply Anonymous Aug 31,2021 11:00 am

    send my email got no answer.

  8. Reply Anonymous Aug 31,2021 8:13 pm

    nothing im too late

  9. Reply Anonymous Sep 1,2021 4:56 am

    Say sign-ups are open – They are closed! Change the page!

  10. Reply Anonymous Sep 6,2021 9:40 pm

    DejaToons owner, Zorix, which is what the CRT IRC channel is on, is very aggressive and rude, and is known to freak out. I don’t recommend this tracker as the admins are passive aggressive and very rude.

  11. Reply Anonymous Sep 8,2021 10:58 am

    Will this tracker ever open again or do applications? I missed signups and want in.

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