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Aussies 4 You! (AU4U)


Aussies 4 You! (AU4U) is a ratioless AUSTRALIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL

This signup has closed!




This signup has closed!

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  1. Reply Anonymous Aug 26,2014 2:39 am

    Only with an invite code! ?

  2. Reply Anonymous Aug 26,2014 9:46 am

    Leave the invite code blank and it will sign you up

  3. Reply Anonymous Sep 4,2014 3:32 pm

    They are also asking you to fill in the Image Code, but there is no image…

  4. Reply Anonymous Sep 15,2014 5:53 pm

    When is the site gojng to be finalized soon or next fucken century

  5. Reply hmm Sep 17,2014 1:42 pm

    sign up weeks ago ok verified etc weeks of

    Please come back later. We are working to finalize this site. Thank you.

    whats happening

  6. Reply Anonymous Sep 20,2014 8:44 pm

    When is the stupid site going to be finalized fuckhead

  7. Reply Anonymous Sep 28,2014 8:00 am


  8. Reply Anonymous Apr 29,2015 3:22 pm

    Working fine now, no invites are even asked for. Almost entirely Aussie TV stuff and some movies. Not much global stuff, unless you count New Zealand.

  9. Reply Anonymous Aug 28,2015 9:25 am

    Maximum number of users reached
    But if you have an invite add it here:

  10. Reply Schutzstaffel Nov 18,2015 6:39 am

    So this is DownUnderTV?

  11. Reply Anonymous Nov 28,2015 6:47 pm

    Yes this was DownUnderTV. Someone dobbed them into PayPal and they then “stole” all their donations and the Founder of DownUnderTV/ AU4U site spat his dummy and closed the site down this week, even after the admins pleaded with all the users to make special donations to keep the site alive. What a w@nker!!!

  12. Reply Anonymous Dec 10,2015 4:22 pm

    what i had loads to download and had a lot of download credit or whatever the new system was on new web page i couldnt follow it as easy as downundertv. its annoying cos i cant keep up with home and away or biggest loser anymore i am from the uk and relied on the website. gutted

  13. Reply Anonymous Dec 12,2015 7:58 am

    well that really sucks, coz I relied on this site, been a fantastic website, and been able to watch Australia tv, coz I work most nights so I would just come on here and download what I needed. Hopefully they will come back and make a new site

  14. Reply Anonymous May 2,2016 12:11 am

    site removed from net like other mushrooms… just waste people time .. invite only lol

  15. Reply Anonymous Feb 23,2017 8:47 am

    This site,so fell that R.I.P

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