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720pier is Open for Signup!


720pier is a ratioless RUSSIAN Private Torrent Tracker for HD SPORTS

720pier is the internal tracker for multiple release groups




Sign up and join the community!
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Official VK Page

  1. Reply Biscuit Griffon Dec 9,2015 9:56 am

    Is this pay to leech like HDSportsbits and SportHD?

  2. Reply Anonymous Dec 9,2015 11:40 am

    I’m almost positive I read elsewhere it is not P2L, no

  3. Reply Anonymous Dec 9,2015 12:59 pm

    It’s not P2L. People from rutracker’s NBA section decided to open their own tracker after they fought with rutracker admins. Although the tracker is in Russian, pretty much all matches they release there are in English.

  4. Reply Anonymous Jan 31,2016 3:32 pm

    Looks like an interesting tracker to join. But the registration page says Invitation Required. Anyone know when sign up will be open again?

  5. Reply Anonymous Feb 16,2016 3:16 am

    Good tracker. As far as I know there’s still the way to register via Russian online social networking services VKontakte (VK) or Odnoklassniki (OK)

  6. Reply Anonymous Mar 9,2016 1:12 pm

    It is open now, but you need to use VK to sign up.

    You cannot sign up directly without an invitation code.

  7. Reply Anonymous Mar 11,2016 9:13 pm

    I tried signing up for VK. It keeps giving errors when entering the phone number for confirmation. There must be a better way to join than that!

  8. Reply Anonymous Mar 23,2016 9:32 pm

    Signed up! Looks great. High quality sports caps, and everything is currently freeleech!

  9. Reply Anonymous May 24,2016 4:06 pm

    Do they have football

  10. Reply Doc6 Jul 10,2016 5:43 am

    I am or was a member. But now, I can’t get in. It refuses me. Been a member for almost a year. I don’t know what happened. :(

    They do have football.

    It was a free leech the last time I was around (a month ago / during 2016 NBA Finals).
    There was a DL/UP Ratio like Sportsbit, but they didn’t require you to maintain the ratio, which was good since I have a very slow internet speed.

    I dunno if I’ll be able to go back in again. My handle there is/was Doc6.
    Good luck to all.

  11. Reply aaaa Jul 10,2016 8:36 pm

    General Error
    SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

    Connection refused [2002]

    An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.

  12. Reply PauleHeyman Jul 11,2016 8:24 am

    same problem here – hope there will be back soon :(

  13. Reply Doc6 Jul 14,2016 2:36 pm

    That’s what we’re getting, aaaa. It means we are blocked. I read somewhere that they started doing by invitation only for signing up. I guess they kicked out all the existing members, and started a new one. I just hope they’re not gonna do the paid membership like what reborn4hd is doing at

    Paule, the site is there. They’re just not letting anyone in.

    If I still can’t get in the next NBA Season, I’ll go back to rutracker which I’ve been a member for almost 1 1/2 half year now. At least, there’s no ratio thing, and sign up is open to anyone.

  14. Reply andoR Jul 21,2016 7:00 pm

    I hope they will be open at the start of October. rutracker and sportbits is fine, but there’s no NCAA Bball content there anymore. Anybody know a good site for this?

  15. Reply Doc6 Jul 22,2016 7:16 am

    I got in today!!!
    Maybe they’re open to all again. Best of luck to people who are signing up.

    I signed up last March. Been a member for only 4 months (site started Dec. 2015). “Almost a year”, what a laugh. LMAO :))))

  16. Reply Anonymous Nov 4,2016 4:18 pm

    Are they down at the moment?

  17. Reply Anonymous Nov 4,2016 9:16 pm

    rutracker is next, tick-tock ruskies.

  18. Reply john Mar 14,2018 3:32 am

    had a good ratio. Banned for no reason

  19. Reply Anonymous Mar 22,2018 5:44 am

    johny boy, tracker is down

  20. Reply Anonymous Mar 22,2018 6:02 am

    site operating through magnets directly onto your torrent

  21. Reply Anonymous Mar 23,2018 2:37 am

    is down for good? Can’t connect?

  22. Reply Anonymous May 6,2018 8:00 am

    Like others have written here, I had a very good ratio and I was banned for no reason. Maybe it was because I didn’t donate…

  23. Reply Anonymous Nov 5,2019 2:13 pm

    Is the site blocked or just down?

  24. Reply Anonymous Nov 25,2019 5:10 pm

    It’s a great site for all my NCAA Football, NFL Football, NBA been a member since beginning.

  25. Reply Anonymous Apr 19,2020 4:07 am

    “Server deleted for non-payment”… Did the Coronavirus claim it’s latest victim?

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