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  1. Reply pakitis Dec 7,2014 5:32 am

    No english.

  2. Reply Anonymous Jul 21,2015 12:34 pm

    turkish… ;)

  3. Reply antichrist May 9,2016 9:06 am

    best turkish tracker…

  4. Reply hlmkh May 10,2016 2:24 am

    An error has occurred!
    Free membership is closed. To subscribe, please make a donation .

  5. Reply HeYlusion May 11,2016 8:55 am

    Donations are open! hahahhaha

    really ? its not good tracker no make donation..

  6. Reply SafeSeedr May 25,2017 12:59 am

    signups are open
    Üyelikler kısa bir süreliğine açıktır

  7. Reply Fjop fjoper May 26,2017 12:59 am

    No porn? Crap…

  8. Reply Anonymous May 28,2017 6:49 am

    The tracker is pretty good. I mean it. )))

  9. Reply Anonymous Jun 30,2017 3:55 am

    It looks like a very clean tracker.

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