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LilleSky (LS) is Open for Signup!

LilleSky (LS) is a Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / GENERAL

Sign up and join the community!
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  1. Reply Anonymous Apr 21,2024 4:33 am

    Too bad tracker lol

  2. Reply Anonymous Apr 21,2024 9:41 am

    trash, built by kids

  3. Reply Anonymous Apr 21,2024 11:07 am

    I’m am not disputing the two comments above. However it is a new tracker, maybe it should benefit some indulgence at the beginning? It will anyway depend how its users support it in its growth …

  4. Reply Anonymous Apr 21,2024 1:41 pm

    lets give it a try friends

  5. Reply Anonymous Apr 21,2024 5:22 pm

    very nice tracker!

    fast pretimes and extended good pre irc network

  6. Reply xFreD Apr 21,2024 5:34 pm

    New tracker already strong i see all the category´s i need and all movies are being uploaded.

    thanks for the link

  7. Reply Anonymous Apr 21,2024 10:22 pm

    Looks fresh. Innovated design when it comes to trackers. ::ThumbsUp::

  8. Reply Anonymous Apr 22,2024 9:00 pm

    Too many torrents with no movement. 0 seeders on too many torrents.

  9. Reply Anonymous Apr 25,2024 5:14 am

    Site no longer connects. Seems to be gone already.

  10. Reply Anonymous Apr 26,2024 6:54 am

    Freeleech and still open signup

    they have been working on site and did major updates.

    everything seem to work excellent now…

  11. Reply Anonymous Apr 26,2024 4:30 pm

    Its saying my saved login credentials do not match their records
    Chrome saved it so im not typing it wrong

  12. Reply Anonymous May 3,2024 2:29 am

    Half of the negative comments have a “I take it back”; are the tracker moderators trying to prevent a bad reputation to take hold, or are half the anonymous comments all super-serious about their stated opinion on a tracker?

    Kinda funny, lol.

  13. Reply Anonymous May 4,2024 9:41 am

    Sign up doesn’t work

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