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DesiTorrents is Open for Donation Signup!


DesiTorrents is an INDIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV

Donations are open!



Donations are open!

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  1. Reply nadeem Apr 23,2016 12:35 pm

    plz creat my account

  2. Reply Anonymous Jul 9,2016 3:23 am

    what a con. they get you to pay for a VPN before signing up properly. sharing is caring, these are money grabbing w hores

  3. Reply Anonymous Nov 17,2016 1:49 pm

    How do we actually donate? I have an account but I can’t create my account because their donate link doesn’t work…

  4. Reply Anonymous Jul 14,2017 5:01 am

    plz my bro my account oprn kro

  5. Reply Anonymous Nov 3,2017 2:02 am

    when the site is open?

  6. Reply Anonymous Dec 12,2017 5:14 am

    u can get visa for america or canada but to get dt account is next to impossible.

  7. Reply Anonymous Dec 13,2017 6:14 am

    DesiTorrents (DT) is the #1 Desi Community in the world but this tracker has been hacked on 10/11th Dec, 2017 AD. Since this the site is showing Cloudfare 523 error. A user named “Yamraj“, who was reported to be the the admin of the tracker “tellytorrents”, said he has hacked it .We don’t know either he is saying true or joking, but the site is down since that time though!
    RIP DT !

  8. Reply Anonymous Dec 15,2017 9:58 am

    so DT will not is closed for ever?

  9. Reply Anonymous Dec 15,2017 10:00 am

    so DT is shut down for ever?

  10. Reply Anonymous Dec 28,2017 2:00 pm

    desitorrents not working

  11. Reply Anonymous Jan 14,2018 7:21 am

    great news guyz, new domain name for desitorrents :

  12. Reply Anonymous Jan 15,2018 5:38 pm

    Apparently my account is restricted. I get this message when I login “New user, please take the time to subscribe to gain full access to site today!”.

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