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  1. Reply Anonymous Oct 25,2015 5:41 pm

    The best lesbian porn tracker on the net. They have everything, but grab what you want fast. They have a small user base.

  2. Reply Anonymous Apr 10,2017 6:01 pm

    screw them. wait for admin approval.

    fucking idiots

  3. Reply Anonymous Apr 10,2017 6:03 pm

    waste of time, dont bother signing up.

  4. Reply Anonymous Apr 11,2017 4:45 am

    I agree… not much content, not many activity… if you are on popular porn trackers like EMP or Pornbay you don’t need this tracker at all.

  5. Reply @_@ Apr 11,2017 6:57 am

    Greatest Tracker Ever! Its RatioLess
    Perma Freeleech

  6. Reply Anonymous Apr 11,2017 9:46 am

    Permanent freeleech. good site, not bad content, worth the signup :)

  7. Reply Anonymous Apr 11,2017 9:52 pm

    no such thing as permanent freeleech here. probably a handful of freeleech torrent though i was only able to find one. it will be very difficult to maintain ratio here.

  8. Reply Anonymous Apr 12,2017 12:30 am

    whats the invite code ?

  9. Reply @_@ Apr 14,2017 12:08 am

    You get the perma freeleech after you pass the initial user class ;)

  10. Reply Anonymous Apr 14,2017 1:16 pm

    why don’t people just use pornhub or youporn or somthing

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