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14 thoughts on “iLoveTorrents (iLT) is Open for Limited Signup!

  1. Reply Anonymous Jun 4,2013 11:22 pm


  2. Reply Anonymous Jun 23,2013 2:01 pm

    worthless tracker

  3. Reply Anonymous Jun 24,2013 4:24 pm


  4. Reply Anonymous Jun 29,2013 12:26 am

    error 404 not found

  5. Reply Anonymous Jun 29,2013 7:13 pm

    Be prepared to get bombarded with requests for donations if you sign up.

  6. Reply Anonymous Jul 1,2013 4:30 pm

    Could be expensive……… From the thousands of lines of legal stuff your supposed to acknowledge at signup

    “Abandoned application fee: There is no application fee, but you will be charged a one hundred U.S. dollar non-refundable abandoned application fee per e-mail for EACH AND EVERY E-MAILed “Request for License to Reproduce Still Images,” permissions inquiry, follow-up, or other permissions related e-mail that we receive from you that fails to ultimately result in your licensing at least one torrent or other requested content, including but not limited to e-mails related to torrent selection, questions, billing, and collection of fees, except that no abandoned application fee will apply if you submit a complete application in your first e-mail but none of the torrents that you request are available for licensing. Also, we may, at our sole discretion, deem your application to have been abandoned and charge the abandoned application fee if you fail to respond to each of our e-mails within 72 hours, if you reject a license which we approve in response to your request, fail to make timely payment as required herein, or tell us that you do not want a license. Customized torrent non-use penalty: Additionally, in the event that we rescan and/or reprocess a requested torrent(s) in response to your request for a high resolution version, a different size or format, or other variation from the online torrent file displayed on this website (“customized torrent”), and/or in an attempt to supply you in our sole discretion with the best possible torrent quality and you then fail to live up to your obligation to use the requested torrent, thereby wasting our resources, you agree to pay liquidated damages of three hundred U.S. dollars per torrent for non-use of each such customized torrent which you fail to use, not subject to fee waiver, in addition to the use fee and any other applicable charges. All fees listed are subject to change, are non-refundable, are subject to a fifty U.S. dollar per torrent minimum fee (one hundred dollar per torrent minimum fee for customized torrents), and may be reduced or waived in special circumstances, when requested in advance at the time of application, at the sole discretion of ilovetorrents.me and Licensor, and contingent on compliance with all terms of this User Agreement, but shall not be waived if use is without permission. The use fee for research access to the ilovetorrents.me website for a commercial project is $1,000/month with a six month minimum which amount may be applied to the cost of any torrents licensed hereunder for publication use for the project. If you find that none of the categories in the Use Fee Schedule apply to your intended use, you do not understand the use fee schedule, you are uncertain as to the applicable fee, or you wish us to consider your request for a use fee which differs from the fee schedule, you MUST specify in your application a specific proposed use fee dollar amount that you are offering. If the requested information needed to determine which of several possibly applicable levels of fees should apply is not provided in the application, the higher fee shall apply. If the use fee is unspecified herein or in the fee schedule and not agreed in advance, it shall be one hundred dollars per torrent per month. Rush: Add fifty percent to the stated fees for rush requests.”

  7. Reply Laura Aug 16,2013 7:27 am

    Don’t even waste your time. Work on getting in to IPT or Torrentday. Ilovetorrents has a mod there that is a total nutjob Chris Wanker Limey.

  8. Reply Martin Sep 12,2013 11:38 am

    Laura, I have a TD account with invites but can’t find anyone with TL accounts who’s looking to trade :/

  9. Reply Anonymous Sep 15,2013 11:31 am

    i tryed to sign up 4 x your signup page would noy work!

  10. Reply Howard Hughes Apr 2,2014 8:05 am

    Yeah, the site sucks ass… lossy .avi and .mkv rips and crap like that. Only modernoid movies (e.g., Adam “Gay”ndler blockbusters) that you can get in better quality from thepiratebay, and stuf like that.
    And, yeah, you sign up and you get “offers” to pay to get a better ratio hahaha.

    ILoveTorrents blows…

  11. Reply Copykatt Apr 4,2014 4:11 am

    Yeah, this website sucks big time. Any tracker that asks you to donate and has crap content should be avoided!

    All the great trackers (BTN, Freshon.TV, TL) on which I am on, don’t ask you to donate ANYTHING. Actually, I take that statement back, TL does occasionally bug you on donations…

  12. Reply Anonymous Apr 16,2014 1:19 pm

    staff shit!!!! site shit. eat shit Fuck

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